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We collaborate with our district and its board of trustees, as well as IPSF’s Board of Trustees, to ensure that the funds raised best support the needs of our children. Specifically, IPSF can grant funds to our district for the teaching professionals needed to staff enrichment programs in reading, math, science, technology, and the arts—programs that are no longer funded by the state. Because of our close relationship with IUSD, we are able to focus our efforts on the funding needs that will have the most impact on our students.


The Irvine Unified School District has over 32,000 students in 35 schools; nearly 40% have a primary language other than English. IUSD receives approximately $230 million in annual General Fund revenue.  READ MORE


While a basic education is free, as mandated by our state’s constitution, the Irvine community expects more for our children than just the “basic” education that can be provided by state funding. We want an excellent education with robust music, art and science programs, among other things. Unfortunately, current funding from the State of California is inadequate, and it is projected to remain that way for some time. In the 2012-2013 school year, California schools spent $2,475 less per student than the rest of the U.S.  Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) received $1,455 less than the average California school district. READ MORE


PTA and IPSF share a common goal—ensuring excellence in our children’s education. The organizations work closely with IUSD throughout the year to achieve this goal. Both organizations are needed to ensure the continued excellence of Irvine schools. The PTA at your child’s school provides financial support for items at that particular school site, such as supplies, assemblies, field trips. IPSF provides funds to our district for enriched curriculum and quality instruction at every IUSD school. READ MORE