City of Irvine

Irvine is a city built around education, quite literally, with neighborhoods planned and developed with schools at their heart. So it is no surprise that education is a priority in the community. Students consistently score at the top of state standardized test rankings, and schools are routinely recognized both regionally and nationally, for excellence in everything from math and science, to music and writing.

This commitment was solidified with the establishment of the City of Irvine Challenge Match Grant in support of education and intended to inspire community participation in bridging the growing gap between state funding and school district needs. The program matches all funds raised through IPSF, up to $1.3 million annually.

Thanks to a challenge grant from the City of Irvine, all contributions to IPSF are matched dollar for dollar, doubling the impact to our students.

How Does the City of Irvine Challenge Match Grant Work?

IPSF is honored to receive approximately $1.3 million annually through the Challenge Match Grant. Per our agreement with the City of Irvine, 100% of these funds are forwarded to Irvine Unified School District within 14 days of receipt; IPSF does not take any funds from the Challenge Match Grant for administrative or operating expenses. 100% of funds are used to support Irvine students, specifically to fund class size support measures as specified by the City. Although the Challenge Match Grant does not provide any direct income to IPSF, the match inspires some individuals and corporations to give more generously.