Corporate Partners


We are honored to have the support of these great businesses and community partners. If you would like to find out how your business or community organization can partner with IPSF, please contact Beth Hofeldt at or 949.265.6415.

Summa Cum Laude $100,000+


City of Irvine

The City of Irvine is deeply committed to education, and has established a Challenge Match Grant in support of education, intended to inspire community participation in bridging the growing gap between state funding and school district needs. The program matches all funds raised through IPSF, up to $1.3 million annually, challenging local business and community members to actively support education.



FivePoint has been a longtime supporter of IPSF, with a history of commitment to innovation and education. They were the first company to join us in support of the Irvine CubeSat STEM Program, and this year also announced a visionary contribution of $100,000 to establish IPSF’s endowment fund to help ensure the future of innovative education in our community.



Operating in Irvine for over thirty years, Maruchan has extended their commitment to providing quality products to include supporting the local community as well. With their dedicated support of Irvine schools for nearly a decade, the company serves as a model for the impact that private support can make on public schools.

Magna Cum Laude $50,000-$99,999


Cum Laude $25,000-$49,999


Fellow $10,000-$24,999

Matt Leinart Flag Football - Fellow
Young Americans - fellow
Montessori Irvine - Fellow

Scholar $5,000-$9,999

SchoolsFirst - Scholar
31 kaiser permanente
ST AmericanTravel
Simply Ortho - Scholar black lettering
Korean Cultural Center

Honor Roll <$5,000

ARC Food & Libations

Aviles Real Estate Group

B. Keene Photography

BNY Mellon Community Partnership

Break of Dawn Restaurant

Buchanan Street Partners

Capital Group


CodeREV Kids

Cox Automotive

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

Development Group Inc.

First Foundation

FitzGerald Yap Kreditor LLP

Fluidmaster Inc.

Global Media Group

Golden State Athletic Conference

Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce

Harbottle Law Group

In-N-Out Burger


Los Angeles Chargers



Rutan & Tucker, LLP

The Fox Group

The Stand


TPC Danzante Bay



Community Support

Our Irvine neighbors are our biggest supporters. Irvine residents and community groups have shown they deeply care about the future of our City as well as the educational experience of our students. Your support is essential to the development and sustainability of a world-class educational system for Irvine students. If you would like to become involved please contact us here.

IPSF Event

President’s Circle

The members of IPSF’s President’s Circle are individual donors who have demonstrated their commitment to a world-class education through gifts of $2,500 or more in the previous 12 months.

Their generous support enables IPSF to enrich the educational experience of each child at every school.

Thank you to the members of IPSF’s President’s Circle as of October 15, 2019.

(Donations of $10,000+)

Mr. Glenn Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Missy Callero
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Susan Masterson
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Sherri Mirejovsky
Mr. and Mrs. Javad and Zohreh Mokhbery
Mr. Da Phakousonh
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Janet Rome
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Cheryll Ruszat
Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Meg Weidner
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Rhea Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Michelle Yang

(Donations of $2,500 – $9,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram and Diane Aviles
Drs. Richard and Donna Baick
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Kenya Beckmann
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Ann Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Peilin Breller
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Lauren Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. William and Kelly Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Betty Carroll
Ms. Kathy Colao
Mr. and Mrs. James and Catherina Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Elle Demaio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Geena Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Billy and Neda Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Pam Evertz
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Amy Guth
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Jodie Hoffman
Mr. Eric Hsiao and Mrs. Kymberleigh Damron-Hsiao
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Kathryn Keefer
Mr. Richard Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Eoin and Tina Kreditor
Mr. and Mrs. David and Kristina Lee
Mr. Jianfeng Li
Dr. Chao-I and Mrs. Kooi-Tin Lin
Dr. and Mrs. James and Grace Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Bart and Kirsten Maeda
Mr. and Mrs. John and Cari Malek
Mr. Thad Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Susan McArthur
Mr. and Mrs. Navid and Shadi Mokhberi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sherry Mostofi
Mr. and Mrs. Vikram and Erica Negi
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Candace Novell
Mr. Bud O’Neill and Mrs. Diane Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Aseet and Bhavna Patel
Mr. Ounie Phakousonh
Mr. Ha Phakousonh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Mary Rempel
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Cyndi Ruszat
Mr. Luke Schell
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Noet Shapiro
Mr. Qiang Shu and Ms. Song Li
Drs. Simon and Jenny Shung
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Steph Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Julie Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett and Devonne Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Andrea Wellman
Mr. Shihchien Wu and Ms. Zhihai Li

For more information about joining the President’s Circle and supporting Irvine students, please contact IPSF President and CEO Neda Eaton at


Legacy Partners

Established by parents in 2004, the IPSF Legacy Partners campaign provides the opportunity to support the welfare of the entire Irvine Unified School District at a significant level and helps build a lasting legacy of academic excellence for all students.

Legacy Partners are individual donors who have elected to give $10,000 or more to IPSF. IPSF is proud to have welcomed over 100 Legacy Partners since the inception of the program.

*Founding Legacy Partners

Brad and Kathy Albright
Timothy and Diane Andrews*
Ara and Alice Apkarian
Eyal and Yael Aronoff*
Colin and Laura Baden*
Richard and Donna Baick
Brad and Sharlene Baker
Bradley and Helen Baxter
Jeffrey and Susan Berkel
Paul and Wendy Bokota
Jerry and Linda Bourassa
David and Cheryl Braun
Greg and Lauren Brooks
Michael and Mary Brown*
Chris and Missy Callero
Gary and Lorraine Campanaro
John and Catherine Campbell*
William and Kelly Campbell
Michael and Betty Carroll
Paul Cloud and Karence Chan
Miles and Catherine Chang
Kevin Chen and Beatrice Tseng-Chen
Mark and Ann Chen
Luke and Diana Cheung
Bao and Delia Chin*
Eugene and Carol Choi
Christine, Michelle, Tiffany Chow
The Colao Family Foundation
Brad and Christine Comp*
Mike and Wendy Cupps
Art and Martha Danielian
Chip and Helen Fedalen
Robert and Victoria Fitch
Arnold Forde
Tim and Amy Guth
Tom and Kathleen Hallal
Scott and Genee Hansen
Dan and Kathy Hedigan*
Mark and Karen Hedstrom
Rob Hildt
Michael Hui
Rob and Teresa Hutchinson
Gary and Lisa Jabara
Anthony and Veronica Jacobson
Robin and Celia Joshi
Marty and Julie Kaplan
Steven and Kathryn Keefer
Tony and Heather Kenihan*
Jim and Jan Kerchner
Michael and Kari Kerr
John Krolewski and Nadia Ghent

Jeff and Kathy Larsen
Hansen and Megan Lee
Marr and Anne Leisure*
Chris and Michelle LeVasseur
Kai and Daphne Liang
Chao-l Lin and Mrs. Kooi Yeoh
James and Grace Lin
Ann L. Mai
Richard and Susan Masterson
Stephen and Susan McArthur
Tom McCray and Robin Corelli-McCray
Bob and Sharon McCubbin*
Andrew and Suzanne Meade
James Mellor and Susan Scace
Mary Newman
Binh Nguyen and Florizza Quilala
Bruce and Esmeralda Ogilvie
Kevin O’Leary and Lita Robinow*
Scott and Arlynne Pollard*
Imran Qureshi and Farrah Kahn-Qureshi
Richard and Mary Pat Rempel
Michelle Rochwarger (1955-2009)*
Jim and Janet Rome
Jeff and Valerie Roos
Frank and Debbie Rugani*
Sharon Salinger
Scott and Denise Schiffer*
Mike and Sandra Sciutto*
Jason and Donna Sherr
Jim and Trish Shute*
Paul and Cathie Slavik
Foster and Coco Stanback
Dianne Steiger*
Robert and Henny Sterman
Steve and Rena Stone
Stergios Theologides and Debora Rodriguez
Kenneth and Sandra Tokita
Kevin and Kim Uyesugi
David Vered*
Michael and Natalie Vishny
Doug and Julie Walker
Paul and Sharon Wallin
Louis and Pansy Wang*
Andrea Weinstein*
Peter Weinstein*
Scott and Karin Wheeler
Bennett and Mary Wong*
Richard and Shareen Young
Michael and Samantha Zambo

AC Thank You 2019

IPSF Donor Honor Roll

Thanks to your generous support, Irvine students have opportunities not available in other school districts. A community united in support of education makes the difference!

Please find your school below and click on the + to expand the menu and view 2019-20 Educational Excellence Fund supporters. Names in blue indicate teachers, staff, school board members and administrators of Irvine Unified School District. Names with an orange asterisk indicate donors who gave to our campaign last year. Thank you for your support!!

If you notice an error in the listing below, please contact us at so that we may correct our records.

List represents donations received between September 1, 2019 – October 17, 2019.

  Add Your Name to the Honor Roll

Alderwood Elementary

Neema Aghamohammadi and Dawn Mortazavi*

Zachary Albanez*

Yue Cao

Robert and Geena Dougherty*

Seraj and Mahsheed Hosseini*

Troy, Trent, Teddy and Zoe Kiem

Esther Kim Cohen

Helen Kim and Jacky Chan

Jonathan Lee and Constance Yang

Anselm and Joy Lin*

Bo Liu *

Dina Mahallinna

Sowmiya Manoharan & Vijayanand Sukumar

Sepand and Yvonne Mansouri*

Michael and Sherry Mostofi*

Betsy Nguyen*

Ran’s parents


Mahtab and Afshin Shahidi *

Wenhao Shu

Carrie and Nathan Symons*

Xiaoping Wang

Beacon Park School

Chloe and Esme Clews*

Junyong Ma

Vik and Erica Negi*

The Pauls Family*

Dr. Joshua Porter and Family*

Sunny Shen*

Bonita Canyon Elementary

Ashley Bresenden*

Chris and Missy Callero*

Amir and Marina Kahana*

Jin and Irene Kim*

William Lim

Grace Lin*

Eduardo Lopes-Soriano and Erin Soriano

Keith and Lauren Luhrs

Sherri and Samuel Mirejovsky*

Matthew and Candace Novell*

Thomas Olson and Anamara Ritt-Olson*

Joseph and Kristi Schnepper*

The Schulman Family*

Ashley and Ryan Shadrin*

Jason Weintraub and Dana Wolinsky*

Matthew and Rhea Weiss*

Terry and Andrea Wellman*

Brywood Elementary

Paul and Vivi Nguyen*

Quan & Colleen Nguyen*

Neil Zhang

Cadence Park School

Gavin Brooks*

John Michelot

Martin and Annie Vidal

Shihchien Wu and Zhihai Li*

Canyon View Elementary

Allen and Trish Kasey*

Keith and Grace Linker*

College Park Elementary

James and Heather Hall*

Junyong Ma

Eric and Sarah Spivey

Creekside High School

Culverdale Elementary

Cypress Village Elementary

The Beal Family*

Daniel and Katherine Park

Arjun Rishi

David Strader*

Deerfield Elementary

Scott and Sara Trask*

Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC)

Roni MI Grant

Neil Zhang

Eastshore Elementary

The Beal Family*

Henry and Heidi Bramlet*

Carrie and Nathan Symons*

Eastwood Elementary

Jiayi Huang

The Ung Family

Greentree Elementary

Irvine High School

Xiaorui Hu

David and Marcy Garrett*

Claudio Enrique Garcia Nicolopulos

The Labowe Family*

Paul and Kristi Leo*

Eric and Sarah Spivey

Scott and Sara Trask*

Jeffrey Trail Middle School

Hua Hou*


Martin and Annie Vidal

Chong Wang*

Eric and Jane Wood*

Lakeside Middle School

The Beal Family*

Henry and Heidi Bramlet*

Matt and Jodie Hoffman*

Parshad and Rakhee Parekh*

Edmond Wong and Terry Tsang

Loma Ridge Elementary

Lirong Chao*

Roni Mi Grant

James Kumm and Carolyn Kim

Meadow Park Elementary

Fangying Hsieh*

Northwood Elementary

Northwood High School

Lirong Chao*

Luke C. Schell*

Sara Song*

Oak Creek Elementary

Kelly Mitchell*

Plaza Vista

Eric Hsiao and Kymberleigh Damron-Hsiao*

The Parker Family*

Greg and Cyndi Ruszat*

Portola High School

Wade and Myunghee Ganes

The Glass Family*

Charles and Christina Hatch*

Qikang Hu*

Bud O’Neill and Diane Kim*

Junyong Ma

Sabarimathi *

Sunny Shen*

Martin and Annie Vidal

Portola Springs Elementary

Caroline You

Rancho San Joaquin Middle School

Neema Aghamohammadi and Dawn Mortazavi*

Joe Cruz and Joyce Noche*

Matthew and Candace Novell*

Robert and Geena Dougherty*

Billy and Neda Eaton

Amir and Marina Kahana*

Troy, Trent, Teddy & Zoe Kiem

Jin and Irene Kim*

David and Kristina Lee*

Jonathan Lee and Constance Yang

Maxwell and Evangelene Lee

Grace Lin*

Keith and Lauren Luhrs

Matthew and Candace Novell*

Thomas Olson and Anamara Ritt-Olson*

Angela Schmidt*

The Schulman Family*

Carrie and Nathan Symons*

Terry and Andrea Wellman*

Santiago Hills Elementary

Michele and Travis Ogden*

Renshus Family*

Sierra Vista Middle School

Keith and Grace Linker*

South Lake Middle School

Mike and Peilin Breller*

Elena Marukhlenko and Michael Ignatov

Springbrook Elementary

Brady and Dayna Money*

Sunny Shen*

Stone Creek Elementary

Tiger Maxu

The Parker Family*

Stonegate Elementary

Jiang Li

Katherina Von Schonfeldt

Turtle Rock Elementary

David Liao and Amy Wang

Michael and Sherry Mostofi*

Yi Tang*

University High School

John and Nicole Bradley*

The Doemer Family*

Billy and Neda Eaton

Doug and Pam Evertz*

Craig and Kimberley Kausen

David and Claudine Kim

Michael Krause*

David and Kristina Lee*

David Liao and Amy Wang

John Tou and Gisela Lin

James and Bryn Mathison

The Jim Rome Family*

Mahtab and Afshin Shahidi*

Nian Shi*

Nathan and Carrie Symons*

University Park Elementary

Amishi Williamson*

Venado Middle School

James and Heather Hall*

David and Marcy Garrett*

Sarah and Eric Spivey

Scott and Sara Trask*

Vista Verde School

The Carroll Family*

Michael and Justine Genest

Westpark Elementary

Mike and Peilin Breller*

Matt and Jodie Hoffman*

James and Bryn Mathison

The Paulsen Family*

Woodbridge High School

Baneen Alameri, Ali Alameri, and Jannat Alameri

Eric Hsiao and Kymberleigh Damron-Hsiao*

Elena Marukhlenko and Michael Ignatov

Parshad and Rakhee Parekh*

Greg and Cyndi Ruszat*

Jim Walton*

Edmond and Terry Wong

Shiue-Wei and Jie Yang

Woodbury Elementary

Heather Aminian

Po and Lisa Chen

Wade and Myunghee Ganes

Scott J Lee

Simon and Jenny Shung*

Eric and Jane Wood*












































Community Supporters

Mark and Ann Bennett*

Jennifer Bohen*

David and Laura Boyd

David and Cheryl Braun*

William and Kelly Campbell

Kevin Chen and Beatrice Tseng-Chen*

Linda Chen

Matthew Christie

Roger Clarke

The Colao Family*

Colleen Dillaway

Gary and Kaija Gibbs

Ira and Michele Glasky*

Gavin and Christine Gruenberg*

Peter and Massie Hatch

Jack and Anita Hsu

Brianna Hyman

Kevin and April Kaiser

David Kunkel

Nedra Kayashima

Ed and Mimi Lee

Maxwell and Evangelene Lee

Stefanie Leone*

Thad Martin*

Richard and Susan Masterson*

Ali Reza Mokhberi

Amir Ali Mokhberi

Hamid and Arezo Mokhberi

Navid and Shadi Mokhberi*

Javad and Zohreh Mokhbery*

Khanoush Mokhbery

Kian Mokhbery*

Eric and Trisha Morgan*

Bryan and Diana Murphy

Marge Niedbalski

Gregory O’Brien and Sharon Doh

Kenneth Podany*

Jon and Cheryl Robertson

Robert and Julie Romney

Richard and Cheryll Ruszat*

Steve and Erin Shapiro

Jim and Trish Shute*

La Shawn Stanford

Donald and Olena Suxho

Doug and Julie Walker*

Jericho Wang

Alex and Meg Weidner*

John and Suzanne Wenger

Charlene Yarnell

Richard and Shareen Young*