Corporate Partners


These socially responsible companies, foundations, and organizations are investing in Orange County’s future by ensuring educational excellence for each child in every school. To learn how your organization can get involved and grow the impact for students and schools, contact Keegan Bell at 949.265.6415 or

Valedictorian $100,000+


City of Irvine

The City of Irvine is deeply committed to education, and has established a Challenge Match Grant in support of education, intended to inspire community participation in bridging the growing gap between state funding and school district needs. The program matches all funds raised through IPSF, up to $1.3 million annually, challenging local business and community members to actively support education.



Operating in Irvine for over thirty years, Maruchan has extended their commitment to providing quality products to include supporting the local community as well. With their dedicated support of Irvine schools for nearly a decade, the company serves as a model for the impact that private support can make on public schools.

Summa Cum Laude $50,000-$99,999


Magna Cum Laude $25,000-$49,999

2021 Hoag seal

Cum Laude $10,000-$24,999

Matt Leinart Flag Football - Fellow

Fellow $5,000-$9,999

Advanced office
Edward lifescience Foundation
31 kaiser permanente
ModernBrain Logo square2
PacificWesternBank scholar
SchoolsFirst - Scholar

“The Angels Baseball Foundation is proud to support the efforts of Irvine Public Schools Foundation and help further their mission of enriching the education of students. Our children in our public schools need us more now than ever, and we encourage organizations and leaders in the community join us in supporting our future generation.” — Dennis Kuhl, Chairman of Angels Baseball

Honors $2,500-$4,999

American Business Bank

Angels Baseball Foundation

Code Ninjas – Irvine

Development Group Inc.

FitzGerald Yap Kreditor LLP

Global Media Group

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Harbottle Law Group

In-N-Out Burger

Kairos Investment Management Company

Lamppost Pizza

Mariners Pest Control, Inc.

My 1 of 1

Newport CH International LLC

Rutan & Tucker, LLP

Smithson Electric, Inc.


USI Insurance Services, LLC

Waste Management of Orange County

Scholars <$2,500

Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth

Aviles Real Estate Group

Blaine Labs

BNY Mellon Community Partnership

Crean Lutheran High School

First Foundation Bank

FOCUS Dance Center

Irvine Unified Council Parent Teacher Association

LangoKids Irvine

Lisa Hu Chen Photography

Murphy & Evertz, LLP

Newport Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Pacific Academy

Ruhnau Clarke Architects

Russian School of Math

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

The Performer’s Academy

UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts

VMware Foundation


Community Support

Our Irvine neighbors are our biggest supporters. Irvine residents and community groups have shown they deeply care about the future of our City as well as the educational experience of our students. Your support is essential to the development and sustainability of a world-class educational system for Irvine students. If you would like to become involved please contact us here.

“Waste Management is deeply committed to serving our communities “beyond the dumpster”. We understand that education is the foundation for enhancing our communities and by supporting IPSF we are supporting the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and creators. Waste Management is extremely proud to be a long time partner of IPSF and we are honored that we are able to support their mission in enriching the educational experiences of those who live and work in the communities we serve.”


Legacy Partners

Established by parents in 2004, the IPSF Legacy Partners campaign provides the opportunity to support the welfare of the entire Irvine Unified School District at a significant level and helps build a lasting legacy of academic excellence for all students.

Legacy Partners are individual donors who have elected to give $10,000 or more to IPSF. IPSF is proud to have welcomed over 100 Legacy Partners since the inception of the program.

*Founding Legacy Partners

Brad and Kathy Albright
Timothy and Diane Andrews*
Ara and Alice Apkarian
Eyal and Yael Aronoff*
Colin and Laura Baden*
Richard and Donna Baick
Brad and Sharlene Baker
Bradley and Helen Baxter
Jeffrey and Susan Berkel
Paul and Wendy Bokota
Jerry and Linda Bourassa
David and Cheryl Braun
Greg and Lauren Brooks
Michael and Mary Brown*
Chris and Missy Callero
Gary and Lorraine Campanaro
John and Catherine Campbell*
William and Kelly Campbell
Michael and Betty Carroll
Paul Cloud and Karence Chan
Miles and Catherine Chang
Kevin Chen and Beatrice Tseng-Chen
Mark and Ann Chen
Luke and Diana Cheung
Bao and Delia Chin*
Eugene and Carol Choi
Christine, Michelle, Tiffany Chow
The Colao Family Foundation
Brad and Christine Comp*
Mike and Wendy Cupps
Art and Martha Danielian
Chip and Helen Fedalen
Robert and Victoria Fitch
Arnold Forde
Tim and Amy Guth
Tom and Kathleen Hallal
Scott and Genee Hansen
Dan and Kathy Hedigan*
Mark and Karen Hedstrom
Rob Hildt
Michael Hui
Rob and Teresa Hutchinson
Gary and Lisa Jabara
Anthony and Veronica Jacobson
Robin and Celia Joshi
Marty and Julie Kaplan
Steven and Kathryn Keefer
Tony and Heather Kenihan*
Jim and Jan Kerchner
Michael and Kari Kerr
John Krolewski and Nadia Ghent

Jeff and Kathy Larsen
Hansen and Megan Lee
Marr and Anne Leisure*
Chris and Michelle LeVasseur
Kai and Daphne Liang
Chao-l Lin and Mrs. Kooi Yeoh
James and Grace Lin
Ann L. Mai
Richard and Susan Masterson
Stephen and Susan McArthur
Tom McCray and Robin Corelli-McCray
Bob and Sharon McCubbin*
Andrew and Suzanne Meade
James Mellor and Susan Scace
Mary Newman
Binh Nguyen and Florizza Quilala
Bruce and Esmeralda Ogilvie
Kevin O’Leary and Lita Robinow*
Scott and Arlynne Pollard*
Imran Qureshi and Farrah Kahn-Qureshi
Richard and Mary Pat Rempel
Michelle Rochwarger (1955-2009)*
Jim and Janet Rome
Jeff and Valerie Roos
Frank and Debbie Rugani*
Sharon Salinger
Scott and Denise Schiffer*
Mike and Sandra Sciutto*
Jason and Donna Sherr
Jim and Trish Shute*
Paul and Cathie Slavik
Foster and Coco Stanback
Dianne Steiger*
Robert and Henny Sterman
Steve and Rena Stone
Stergios Theologides and Debora Rodriguez
Kenneth and Sandra Tokita
Kevin and Kim Uyesugi
David Vered*
Michael and Natalie Vishny
Doug and Julie Walker
Paul and Sharon Wallin
Louis and Pansy Wang*
Andrea Weinstein*
Peter Weinstein*
Scott and Karin Wheeler
Bennett and Mary Wong*
Richard and Shareen Young
Michael and Samantha Zambo

IPSF Donor Honor Roll

Thanks to your generous support, Irvine students have opportunities not available in other school districts. A community united in support of education makes the difference! 

Each and every gift is important, therefore, we recognize every donor for their commitment to supporting educational excellence for our students. We are proud to recognize those donors who have joined an IPSF Giving Circle through their level of contributions. Thank you for your support! 

List represents donations received between January 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. Please allow several business days from the time you make your gift to be included on the honor roll. Corporate donors are recognized on our Partner listing. If you notice an error in the listing below, please contact us at so that we may correct our records. 

Add Your Name to the Honor Roll


Heidi and Henry Bramlet

Peilin and Mike Breller

Lauren and Greg Brooks

Dina and Emile Haddad

Jodie and Matt Hoffman

David and Kristina Lee

Sherri and Samuel Mirejovsky

Zohreh and Javad Mokhbery

Mai and Kevin Naderi

Janet and Jim Rome

Alan and Maria Stearns

Zhihai Li and Shihchien Wu



Neema Aghamohammadi & Dawn Mortazavi

Vanessa and Neil Alexander

Heather and Dr. Arash Aminian

Praveena and Arun Banerjee

Paul and Wendy Bokota

Cheryl and David Braun

Glenn Briggs

Po and Lisa Chen

Tiya Corrigan

Tiffany and Joe Craft

Joyce Noche and Joe Cruz

Tracy and Sam Cruz

Geena and Robert Dougherty

Marcy and David Garrett

Karla and David Greenberg

Michelle and Tom Grettenberg

Heather and James Hall

Daniel and Kathy Hedigan

Kymberleigh Damron-Hsiao and Eric Hsiao

Alejandra and Michael Hu

Ruth Ann Hyson

The Itohs

Alisa Kim

Tina and Eoin Kreditor

Constance Yang and Jonathan Lee

Jianfeng Li

Anselm and Joy Lin

Mei Ng and Hon Lo

Dr. Ann Mai

Sepand Mansouri & Yvonne Mansouri

Susan and Rich Masterson

Bryn and Jim Mathison

Payal and Rajesh Mittal

Drs. Gana and Ameer Mody

Marjan and Ehsan Mokhberi

Shadi and Navid Mokhberi

Sherry and Dr. Michael Mostofi

Karen Nguyen and Sandro Nardone

Kelly and Huy Nguyen

Desiree and Adam Probolsky

Mary and Richard Rempel

William and Amy Roth

Deborah and Frank Rugani

Meredith and Paul Rugani

Melissa Cabrera and Luis Salgado

Abas Shafa

Jenny and Dr. Simon Shung

Vinita and James Speir

Alan and Maria Stearns

Julie and Doug Walker

Mimi and Jericho Wang

Yijing Wang

Rhea and Matt Weiss

Andrea and Terry Wellman

Terry Tsang and Edmond Wong

Richard and Shareen Young

Winnie and Yong Yu



Diane and Hiram Aviles

Brenna and Keegan Bell

Mark Bennett

Susan and Jeffrey Berkel

Tony Chai – Leo Chai

Jenny and Jason Chao

Hsing-Hua Cheng and Tomoko Umemitsu

Kelli and Steve Cheshire

Kenneth, Elaine, Deric, and Kathryn Chew

Oliver Chi

Cinda and Steve Churm

Nicholas del Rosario

Robert Dunn

Kerry Duse

Neda and Billy Eaton

Melissa and Wade Ganes

Michele and Ira Glasky

Eric Gong

Khaja Chowdhury and Nawarin Hasib

Steve Fattman and Quyen Huynh

Yaser Hussein

Grace & John Kim

Susan Kim and Jason Muldoon

The Klein Family

Yueqin Lin and Sung Bum Lee

Qiang Shu and Song Li

The Liao Family

Cari and John Malek

The Malkawi Family

The Mayer Family

Arezo and Hamid Mokhberi

Mahsa and Omid Mokhberi

Northwood High School PTSA

Yuka and Jay Oku

OnCall IT, Inc.

Greg and Heather Phillips

Germey Ramirez

Reitz Family

Greg and Cyndi Ruszat

Denise and Scott Schiffer

Whitney and Walter Shang

Steph and Donald Sun

Josh Taussig

Isabelle and Alex Tischler

Pete Veravanich

Laura and Greg Wakeham

Garrett and Devonne Walker

Sharon Wallin

Bill Wang & Ellen’s Family

Elaine Wu

Ning Yang

Rich and Charlene Yarnell

The Yasuki Family

Jianhui Ying

The Yu Family

Michelle Jue and Charles Yu

Qinghong Zhu and Nan Jiang



Amy Abeling

Judy Alcarioto

Steven D Allison

The Anderson-Cummings Family

Peri and Nandini Arul

The Bank Family

William and Patricia Blakely

The Burnett Family

The Burruss Family

Brian and Michelle Chew

Matthew and Janet Cook

Molly Cummins and Doug McCaulley

Carole and Bob Curley

Sonia Damanan and Bharath Chakravarthy

Jeffrey Edwards

June Farahan

Michael Fehner and Jeannie Su

Patricia Frempong

The Gunabalasubramaniam Family

Alexander Hadavi

Ivy Hopkins

Mahsheed and Seraj Hosseini

Trung Huynh & Kristen Au

Bernadette de la Rosa-Icay and Rechie Icay

Sandy and Larry Im

Wade Johnson

Marina and Amir Kahana

Vaibhavi Swapnil Kalyankar

Shadlie and Dustin Kensrue

Michael Kent

Susan Kim

Diane Kim and Bud O’Neill

Jody and Jon Lai

Beau Stockstill and Jessica Langer

Grace and Jim Leung

Liangli Liu and Yujuan Ma

Qunwu Liu

Anne and Randy Loh

Frances and Brian Lyn

John Michelot

Edwin and Lisa Monuki

Trisha and Eric Morgan

David and Randi Outwater

Nicole Provansal

Junyu Qian Family

Dmitri and Ashley Ragano

Scott and Taunya Reilly

The Reitz Family

Barbara and Jim Reynolds

William Roberts

Lorena and Mike Ruggeri

The Sa Family

Carolyn A Scheer

Angela and Karsten Schmidt

Amit and Yasmeen Shah

Jeff Stewart

The Sun Family

The Tang Family

The Tran Family

Annie Carignan and Martin Vidal

Jeanne Villacorte

Terry and Sanya Walker

Chienping Wang

Bill and Ellen Wang’s Family

Palmer Wang’s Family

Sunny’s Family

Junxi’s Family

Ann & Collin Webster

Tom Whiteside & Tina Wu

Ganning Yang and Diana Jiang

Dr. Chao-I Lin and Kooi-Tin Yeoh

Caitlyn and Charlotte Yu

The Zavala Family



Ismail & Tenny Amin

Ibrahim Asik

The Austin Family

Alan and Susan Battenfield

Adrian & Evelyn Bekker Family

The Bezerra Family

Apoorva and Lara Bhatnagar

Scott Bowman

Emily Burke

The Calimquim Young Family

Lyana Chang

Binning Chen

Cheryl Chen

Mengxi Chen’s Family

Sunny Chen

The Chang Family

David and Stacy Chia

The Chopra Family

Frank & Patty Chu

Annie Chun

Dr. Joshua Cohen and Mrs. Jaclyn Cohen

The Courtiss Family

The Cruz Family

Amy Cyriac

Scott and Christina Danforth

Michael Dennin

Smriti and Aalok Devkota

Haotian Ding

Chris and Lana Encheff

John & Vivien & Patrick Evans

The Franza Family

Michelle and Jeffrey Fuller

Hui Gao

Rey and Elaine Garriel

The Godetts

Timothy and Amy Guth

The Haoping Family

Shaofeng He

Alfred Hsi

Jack and Anita Hsu

Qun Fan

Reza and Mariza Jafary

The Jambhekar Family

Hailong Jin

Kimia Khajavi-Noori

Kian Khazaei

Arti and Pradeep Khurana

Mike and Cathy Kibbe

Gwangryul Kim (Green’s Family)

Helen Kim

Sara and Hugh Kim Family

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Dennis Kuhl

Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo

Lai Neo

Tra Le and Long Doan

David and Helen Lee

Ju Eun Lee

Wilson Leung

Meiling Li and Charles Dou

Sylvia and Eric Lin

Josephine Liu

Sandy Liu & Jason Chen

Yisen Family

Philip and Ann Lo

The Lockwood Family

Jesus and Nicole Lucio

Yajuan Mao

Ashley Massimino

Titus Mateo

Lee and Brandie Melville

Alicia Mendoza

The Militante Family

The Miller Family

Kahnoush Mokhbery

The Nakagawa Family

Rama Nambimadom

Quan and Colleen Nguyen

The Nies Family

Kirill Niktin

Julien and Yuko Obata

The Palacios-Moreno Family

Penelope & Phoebe Pan

Anju Parmar

The Parzakonis Family

Aneeka Patel and Mihir Bhanot

Jitendra Patil

Caixia Peng

Alena Pyrkh

Neil Zhang

Charlie and Christina Pierson

Kenneth Podany

Jolaine Qian

Guangqing Qu

Emmett and Michelle Raitt

Rachel and Mark Renton

Katelynn Riva

Mahsa Rohanizadeh and Henry Torabi

Dana and Carmen Roode

Harsimran and Sajeet Sawhney

Kristi and Joe Schnepper

The Schulman Family

Yohannes Semere

Billy and Lailai Shih

The Lance and Kristi Smemoe Family

Brad and Connie Stone

Yu Su and Jonathan Mack

Shingo Suizu

Michiko Suzumoto

Tang Qiuhong

Essam Touni

Duc and Nicole Tran

Estelle Tran

Loc and Sylvia Tran

The Vassilev Family

Nikhil and Rachna Verma

Yitu Wang

Lin Wei

The Westen Family

David Yeung and Oliva Wong

Yue Wu

Qin Xin and Yong Gao

Dongwen Zhang

Jie Zhang’s Family

Long Zhang



The Ahn Family

Jennifer Alderson

The AlSebaye Family

Keila Altieri

Honglin’s Family

Susan Antonitis

Chahe and Genevieve Apelian

Scott Archacki

Periagounder and Nandini Arul

The Asahara Family

Sameer Ashar and Shruti Gohil

Dr. Elham Elahi and Sean-Shahab Ataee

Elizabeth Atger

The Bacunawa Family

Jason Bardis

Miguel Basilio

Rawan Batterjee

Kawaljit Bedi

The Bonno Family

Jennifer Brennan

Olesya Brissey

Maria Burley

The Burns Family

Alan and Marjorie Carrie

Michelle Castor

Susanna and John Chadwick

Vimalraj Chandra Sekaran

Jayden and Jenny Family

The Chao Family

Marle Chen and Amy Chang

Lindsey Etheridge and Tiffany Chang

Brian and Suzanne Chartrand

Wee Mei Chee

Cindy Chen

Hsuan Chen

Jun Chen

Mei Chen

Tao Chen

Yanxin Chen

Weiguang Shao and Zhen Chen

Austen and Abigail Cheng

Linlin Cheng

Peggy Cheng and Family

Hayeon’s Family

Eunjae & Ian’s Choi Family

Sam and Shanna Choi

Vishal and Shelly Chopra

Paul Chun

Janice Chung

Mila Chung Family

Hande Cilek

Dante and Susan Cinco

The Connell Family

The Cooke Family

The Cruz Family

Lionel J. D’Luna

Sherry Dai

The Dang Family

Hai & Michelle Dang

Dangvu Family

Padmini Datar

Emily and Ryan Dissanayake

Ravikumar Bathulla and Padmaja Domala

Karma Ashaary and Wael Eldashan

Linda Epperley Welti

Chiuyu Fan

Jesse Fan

Sarmad Farjo

Kristin Farnsworth

Erin Featherstone and Family

Feodosiia and Aleksandr Fedotovskikh

Jessica Filicko

Aaron Friedman Helmreich

Kenny and Jeanette Fukuda

Natalia Fuscoe

Nihaar and Ishaan’s Family

Christian Galindo

Jie Gao

Cathryn Mah and Jason Gersting

Armin Ghamari

Aydin Gharavi Esfahani

Astghik Ghazaryan

Bhaskar Goswami and Anindita Ghoshal

Anita Goettsch

The Goh Family

Kai Gonzalez

The Grant Family

The Greaney Family

The Guertin Family

Bo Gui

Kiran Chalasani and Narmada Gummadi

Gokhan Gundogdu

Amy Guo’s Family

Hua Guo

Xiaona (Shirley) Guo

Kelly H Family

Kyrstin Ha

Vince Ha

Afsaneh Haftbaradaran

Elveen Haghnazary’s Family

Jeongsu Han

The Harbar Family

John and Tina Haymes

Nicole Zhang and Yunsheng He

Daniel and Faranak Herrera

Mike and Tracy Hertstein

Kiran Hiremath

Hai Hong and Yan Liu

Yang Hong

Honglin’s Family

The Holmgren Family

Reshele Howland

Josie & Vito Hsueh

Weiping Hu

Yingbo Hu

Yufang Hu

Joe Kao and Janice Hu-Kao

Andy Huang’s Family

Christina Huang

Jocelyn’s Parents

Qi Huang

Yusheng Huang

Andrew and Huen-Suck Hwang

Phoebe Hwang

Richard and Odette Hyde

Tracy Kuo and Syed Jafar

The Jaffer Family

Gary James

Farid and Mahtab Jazayeri

Jane Olin and Timothy Jerkovich

Athina Markopoulou and Kristian Jessen

The Jiang Family

Qilin Huang and Yuanyu Jin

Zhaoyi Jin

The Josenhans Family

Min Jun

Yeonhee Jung

Kevin and April Kaiser

Janaki and Vinith

Eungwe Kang

Jong-Ee Oh and Inae Kang

Yeonjae Kang

Edmund Kao

The Karadag Family

Rob and Kathy Katz

Cam Kem

Andra and Patrick Kent

Keon Khajavi-Noori

The Kim Family

Allison Kim

Nate Kim

Tae Young Kim

Taigo Kiukya

Sarath Arabandi and Krupa Kodaru

Jamie Lyn Knollmiller

The Krishna Family

Vandana Krishnakumar

Aniruddha Patwardhan and Prachi Kshirsagar

Charis E. Kubrin

Danh Kuennemann

VK & Family

Mandy Lai

Ricky Lao

Cori Larsen

Sze Wai Law Ng

Jennifer Lee

Yelim Lee

The Lee Family

The Leka Family

Rossanna Leung

Yuen Leung

Diana Li

Hua Li

Jing Li

Junbo Gao and Shuang Li

Xiangdong and Mei Li

Yake Li

Jimmy and Sherri Liao

The Lichtman Family

Jason Azuma and Anne Light

Ming & Ya

Adam and Candice Liu

Isabella Liu

DU’s Family

Ken Loo

Adam Lorenzo & Cassy Ramiscal

Qi Lou

The Lou Family

The Lowe Family

Chaudiem Lu

Danny and Annie Lu

William and Cindy Lu

Shuang Lu

Jayne Ge and Kan Lu

Keith and Lauren Luhrs

Hongbo Luo

Lydia Lutfi

Jennifer Lyncb

Sean and Anne Madden

Danielle Madison

Nancy and Marc Magpayo

Melody Mak

Adriana Oliveira and Marcelo Maria

The Marshall Family

John Martinez

The Ignatov and Marukhlenko Family

The Masud Family

Giuseppe Mazzeo

Melanie and Keith McAllister

The C. McCormick Family

Mack McCoy

The McCracken Family

The McEwen Family

Steve and Sandy McHolm

Karen and Steven McLaughlin

Susan and Frederick Mehrtens

Haijiao Meng

The Messinger Family

Faviola Michelot

Kelly Young and Steven Mills

Yarden Mizrachi

Layla Seyedabadi and Kyle Moghadam

Ali R. Mokhberi

Amir Ali Mokhberi

Kian Mokhbery

Ron and Mary Morgan

The Moua Family

Eileen Murphy

Amanda and Lake Muther

Doug Mylowe

David and Joon Myung

Mikhail Naganov

Amgalan Namsraijav and Tuul Natsag

Fabio Neves

Albert Ng

Scott and Allison Novosel

Jennee Oh

Ray Ortega and Family

Cassio Tanikawa and Leticia Oseguera

The Ouchi Family

Hymavathi Pabbaraju

Edmund and Frances Pana

Sandra Paperny

Becky Park

Brandon Park & Daniel Park

Jeeho Park

Daniel Pau

The Pauls Family

Nicky and Charlie Pavlovich

The Pena Family

Kellie and Patrick Pendergest

The Pereira Family

Sirisha Perugu

Debra and Paul Pfeiffer

The Pham & Chung Family

TJ and Susan Pham

The Ryan and Rachel Phelps Family

Tracy Platzner-Olsen

Jennifer and Robert Plesh

The Pokornik Family

Haimavati Rammohan

The Rauch Family

Anne Reinbach

James Rice

Lisbeth Rivas

Sam Roberts

Pankaj Sachdeva

Jandos’s Family

Makoto Sakata

Padma Salisbury

Hiroko Sano

Gesine Sass-Scheele

Richard and Anita Schweppe

Keren and Noam Seker Gafni

Matt and Megan Selman

Tracy Shan

Bryan and Noet Shapiro

Hemant and Gunjan Sharma

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

The She’ Family

David and Jill Sheer

Miwako Shen

Yiqun Shen

Janice Shew

The Shin Family

Dr. Hye-Won Shin-Chae and Ick Seung Shim

Deepali Shirsath and Shrikant Jamdade

Marina Shoshina

Bruce and Linda Silverman

Denise Siu

Sharon Smith

Sheri Smith

Vincent and Maria Smith

Heeryung Sohn

Hannah W Sokol

The Spitale Family

Paweena Limjaroen and The Sriprapundh Family

Kathryn and James Su

Junling Ma and Yang Su


Hiroshi Sugita

Yu Wang Sun

Ashita Sundar

Paula Sweet

The Szeto Family

Ashkan Tafti

Shauhin and Jasmine Talesh

Yuhuan Tang

Xiaofei Tang

The Tom Family

The Ton Family

Jacqueline Tran

Tan Tran

Vu N. Tran

Tim Tsai

Vivienne and Katherine Tsang’s Family

The Tsao Family

Kulvinder and TY

The Ung Family

Nicholas Vandennieuwenhof

Monika Vijayvargiya

The von dem Bussche Family

Cindy Vo-Lam and Khoa Vo

Katherina Von Schonfeldt

The Wang Family

Bilin Wang

Chong Wang

Evan Wang and Family

Hui Wang

Jing Wang and Wei Lu

Mei Chen and Kevin Wang

Tao Wang

Weihong Wang

Scott and Suzanne Watson

Yi Wen

Cynthia West

Stephen H Wheeler

Neil and Bonnie Widerman

Jacqueline Wong

Austin Wu

Jianping Wu

Joey Xi

Lijun Xia

Ling Xia


Dongning’s Family

Annie Yang

Jinggen Hu & Hongfang Yang

Robert Hongjie Yang

Thomas Yang & Sujin Kim

Wei and Zhirong Yang

The Yans Family

Ashley & Aydan Yeo

Linda Ying

Juho & Jubeen Yoon

Jin Yu

Jolene Yu

Yiming Yu

Ying Yu

Coreen Yutkin

Jeremie Zajtmann

Aksana Zegarelli

Liang Zeng

Alyssa Zhang

Rui Zhang

Xiang Zhang

Yan Zhang

The Zhang Family

Jocelyn Zheng

Shidong Chen and Jilian Zhu

Jianning Zhuang’s Family

Yan & Ke Family

Lingling Zhuo

Tingting Du and Yuan Zou



Samantha Akhavan

Zachary A

Donna Albert

Melissa Andrews

Emily Anesi

Chithra Annegowda

Elaheh Atai

Nilesh Auti

Mustafa Aziz

Brenda Bajaj

Pashtana Baluch

Zulqarnain Bangloria

Monica Banuelos

Barbara Barlassina

Paloma Barrios

Booker Bearbower

Melinda Becze

Eryn Bennett

Anita Bergdahl Long

Sunayana Bhan and Vikram Kshemkalyani

Fariba Bigdeli

Amanda and Jeff Brenner

Ashley and Paul Bresenden

Paul Bresnahan

Michelle Brown

Christine Byrd


Alvin Cabrera

Autumn Carrillo

Denise Carrion

Maria Casanova

Matt & Jessica Casillas

Dennis Castellano

CLB Chan Family

Cecilia Chang

Lauren Chang

Elodie and Matthieu Chauzeix

Raianna Chavez

Azadeh Chavoshpour

Bonnie Chen

Lex Chen

Mark and Ann Chen

Natalie Chen

Shrlung Chen

Wenjie Chen

William Chen

Xiqing Chen

Hsing Chun Yeh and Elay Chen

Xufei Chen

Kimberly Choi

Theresa Choi

Jeannine S Chomyn

Benji Chong

Anita Chou

Luca Chou

The Choy Family

George Chu

The Chu Family

George Chuan

Alice and Ian Chuang

Annie K. Chun

David M. Coder

Theresa L Collins

Gregory Costigan

The Cramer Family

Che and Robynne Curry

Nader Damavandi

Eshwar Dandapani

Cyndi Dao

Parashar Dave

Paige Davis

Shokoufeh Dehmobad

Hrushikesh Deshmukh

The Devgaonkar Family

Stacy Dillard

Yuqi Ding

Petr Divis

Kristie Do-San

Ana Dole

Kristen Donavan

Elisabeth Dreger-Jobe

Jeffrey Duncan

Troy Dunkel

Vijay Dwivedi

Fariba Eftekhari

Ziad El Jack

Christine Emanuelson

Gharavi Esfahani’s Family

Yan Fan

Yan Fang

Fatemeh Faraz

Fei Feng

Vincent Feng

Nogo F

Mandy Ferrell

Rowena Figueroa-Ngo

The Fioccos

The Fong Loi Family

Robert Foote

Jennifer Foran

Igor Ganichev

Yun Zheng and Yanming Gao

Yi Gao

Carolina Garcia and Benjamin Mills

Yessica Garcia

Olga Germanovich

Naem Gittham

Rachel E Goldberg

Peter Goldbrunner

Andy and Tracy Gong

Dorian Gong-Ponlerio

Bernice Gonzalez

Srinivasan Gopal

Carlo Grasso

Jay Green

Erika Griggs

Bin Guan

Glib Guchko

Srivatsava Gunturi

Meg Gwyn

Tara and Ava Hall

The Han Family

Claire Hart

Vahid Hassanpour

The Hayden Family

Liangliang Zhang and Kai He

Amy Heinze

M Hennequin

Thomas Heo

Jack Ho

Winglei Ho

The Hong Family

Hunsop Hong

The Hoo Family

Jessica Hopkins

Catherine Hsia

Catherine Hsieh

Joe and Katherine Hu

Lei Huang

Wei Huang

Eduardo Hutner

Adrien Huwe

Kalena and Thomas Hwang

Nahal Geshnizjani and Reza Jamasebi

Eunmi Jeon

Shyam Jha

Dhanya C. Jose

Makda Joseph

Kenji and Hiromi Kakeda

Natalie Kallen

Kanstantsin Kalybenka

Vijayaraghavan Kannan



Patrick Keane

Judy Khang

Connor Khatoonian

Prashant Kher

Yun Choi and David Kim

Gregory Kim

Siho’s Family – alpha

Jimin Kim

Meekyung Kim

Michael Kim

Nikolay Kim

Yongjun Kim

Archana Kulkarni

Aanchal Kumar

Amit Kumar

Sharad Kumar

Satoru Kumashiro

Glen Kuromoto

The Lad Family

Huy and Helen Lai

Jennifer Lai

Kevin Lam

Michael Laux

The Lee Family

Chuangyuan Lee

Mini Lee

Tiffany Lee

Yenna Lee

Evelyn Leong-Martinez

Alexander Lepera

Lisa Levenson

Amy Li and the Li Family

Chunyan Li

Duhan Li and Li’s Family

Jing Li

Jinhua Li

Kiki and Zhuyi Li

The Li & Gu Family

Hongyen Liang

Tzuying Liao-Su

Annie Lim

Hana Lim

Jisuk Kim and Jin-Woo Lim

Olivia Lim

Dongxu Liu

Firoozeh Liu

Guosi Liu

Hung-Kang Liu

Jennifer Liu

Lexi Liu

Rui Liu

Yuan Liu

Koman Ting and Tingyuan Liu

Hsiao Lo

Cindy Lobianco

Lisette Lock

Dawn Lombardo

Belinsa Long

Mary Loy

Lisa G. Ludwig

Michelle Luna

Anthony Madison

Krish Maheshwari

Jeremy Manista

Anna Marker

Jesslyn Stewart

The Matano Family

Hideki Matsumura

Janelle Mazza

Susanna McCarthy

Sapna Mehta

Kainaaz Menaker

Erika Mendez

Fausta Cervantes Mendoza

Adam Midose

Edgar Jacuinde Miramontes

David Miranda

Chandan Mishra

Maryam Moazzami

Cheryl Moeller

Saghar Moharreri

The Morten Family

Joanne Motoike

Sung Jip Nam

Ravi Nandivada

Amy Naples

Andy Nauli

Sabrina Nemet

Wan Sze Ng

Amelita Nguyen

Hung and Nga

Lien Nguyen

Siho Noh’s Family

The Nowrouzaraghi Family

Janice and Dan O’Toole

Shane N. Oakes

Daniel and Nina Ohara

Adeline Ott

Martha Ozturk

The Page Family

Jayant Pai

Michelle Pakingan

Daniela Palma

Hongjian Pang

Linda Pape

The Park Family

Hyeong Jin Park

Jennie Park

James and Anjie Parker

Hayli Patel

Aniruddha Pawade

Hessam Pedram

Reggie and Elizabeth Pelz

Amber Peng Family

Ying Peng

Milica Petrovic

Kristen N. Pfister

Jean Pison

Teresa Polo

Amy Post

Melody Powell

Qingshan Qian

Gang Qin

Kelly and Brooklyn

Rummana Rahman

Wasim Raja

Ashish & Arjun

Suresh Ramalingam

Karthikeyan Ramanathan

Veena and Shridhar Rangarajan

Archana Reddy

Dawn S Reese

Qi Ren

Renne Ren

Shripad Rege

The Rodriguez Family

Richmond Roeske

Wolosmal Safi

Seyed Sajjadi

The Sarafian Family

Maliheh Sarikhani

The Sarvaiya Family

Tomomichi Sassa

Tobias Schimmer

Kathryn Scholl

Lisamay Scott

Jennie Senatore

Tarang Shah

Mahtab and Afshin Shahidi

Hao Shang

Gongnan Shao

Marina Shaywitz

Uh She

Yan Shen

Ye Shen

Meigui Cheng and Xunkai Shi

Aki Shishido

Karen Shokrai

Evan and Kayla Sickles

Nicole Simetz

Saurav Singh

Sudhakar Sivanantham

Zuzanna Siwy

Sherry Slunka

Michelle Smith

Wenlan Song

Ileana Soto

Hilary Spannagel

Sofiia Spivakova

Katie Starr

Ashley Stites

Adina Stowell

Dave Strader

Steve Su


Wayne Sung

Olga Suttner

Olivia Swinth

Ayumu Takagi

Suresh Takale

Sonalee Tambat

Alexander Tan

Panitta Tanakomsirichot

Audrey Tang

Lihong Tang

Yuan Tang

Raji Tannouri

Regina Keil

Nagaraja Thanthry

Shinod Thekkedath

Prasanna Thiyagarajan and Family

Morgan and Taryn

Luis Torres

The Tran’s Family

Kathy and Christian Tran

Lien Nguyen and Kevin Trinh

The Tripp Family

The Trubert Family

Chen Tsu-Wang

Shona Whipple

Pui Kei Tsui

Kelly Anne Uyeda

The Uzun Family

Srinath Vamaraju

The van der Heyden Family

Parmis Vatankhahi

Puja Verma

Dmytro Vidmych

Murtuza Vohra

Ben’s Family

Ivy Wang

Yuhong Wang

Zhengge Wang

Zhirong Wang

The Wei Wei’ Family

Andy Wei

Marla Weingart

Andrea Lynn Weinstein

The Weiss Family

Christina Whitten

Rebecca and Justin Williams

Troy and Kelly Wilson

Bryan and Abeleen Wong

Calvin Wong

Helen Wong

Nora Wong

Eric and Jane Wood

Jerry Wu

Ling Liang Wu

Shan Wu

Hongye Xiao

Jia M. Xu

Shirley Xue

Vishnu Yalamanchi

Brian Yan’s Family


Jenny Yang

Lin Yang

Regina and Raymond Yang

Alireza Yassi

Nesve Yayalar

Ming Ye

Michelle Yi

Juhee Yoon

Caroline You

Han Ji Young

Sara Youssef

Hong Tai and Hazel Yu

Maggie Yu

Ziwei Zang

Eric Zhang

Fang Zhang

Zhigang Song and Lihua Zhang

Lizhen Zhang

Shuai Zhang

Eric Chen and Ms. Xifang Zhang

Xingming Zhang

Jun Zhao

Xin Zhao

Huajin and Jun

Sean Zhou

Ziru Zhu