Legacy Partners

Established by parents in 2004, the IPSF Legacy Partners campaign provides the opportunity to support the welfare of the entire Irvine Unified School District at a significant level and helps build a lasting legacy of academic excellence for all students.

Legacy Partners are individual donors who have elected to give $10,000 or more to IPSF. IPSF is proud to have welcomed over 100 Legacy Partners since the inception of the program.

*Founding Legacy Partners

Brad and Kathy Albright

Timothy and Diane Andrews*

Ara and Alice Apkarian

Eyal and Yael Aronoff*

Colin and Laura Baden*

Richard and Donna Baick

Brad and Sharlene Baker

Bradley and Helen Baxter

Jeffrey and Susan Berkel

Paul and Wendy Bokota

Jerry and Linda Bourassa

David and Cheryl Braun

Greg and Lauren Brooks

Michael and Mary Brown*

Chris and Missy Callero

Gary and Lorraine Campanaro

John and Catherine Campbell*

William and Kelly Campbell

Michael and Betty Carroll

Paul Cloud and Karence Chan

Miles and Catherine Chang

Kevin Chen and Beatrice Tseng-Chen

Mark and Ann Chen

Luke and Diana Cheung

Bao and Delia Chin*

Eugene and Carol Choi

Christine, Michelle, Tiffany Chow

The Colao Family Foundation

Brad and Christine Comp*

Mike and Wendy Cupps

Art and Martha Danielian

Chip and Helen Fedalen

Robert and Victoria Fitch

Arnold Forde

Tim and Amy Guth

Tom and Kathleen Hallal

Scott and Genee Hansen

Dan and Kathy Hedigan*

Mark and Karen Hedstrom

Rob Hildt

Michael Hui

Rob and Teresa Hutchinson

Gary and Lisa Jabara

Anthony and Veronica Jacobson

Robin and Celia Joshi

Marty and Julie Kaplan

Steven and Kathryn Keefer

Tony and Heather Kenihan*

Jim and Jan Kerchner

Michael and Kari Kerr

John Krolewski and Nadia Ghent

Jeff and Kathy Larsen

Hansen and Megan Lee

Marr and Anne Leisure*

Chris and Michelle LeVasseur

Kai and Daphne Liang

Chao-l Lin and Mrs. Kooi Yeoh

James and Grace Lin

Ann L. Mai

Richard and Susan Masterson

Stephen and Susan McArthur

Tom McCray and Robin Corelli-McCray

Bob and Sharon McCubbin*

Andrew and Suzanne Meade

James Mellor and Susan Scace

Mary Newman

Binh Nguyen and Florizza Quilala

Bruce and Esmeralda Ogilvie

Kevin O’Leary and Lita Robinow*

Scott and Arlynne Pollard*

Imran Qureshi and Farrah Kahn-Qureshi

Richard and Mary Pat Rempel

Michelle Rochwarger (1955-2009)*

Jim and Janet Rome

Jeff and Valerie Roos

Frank and Debbie Rugani*

Sharon Salinger

Scott and Denise Schiffer*

Mike and Sandra Sciutto*

Jason and Donna Sherr

Jim and Trish Shute*

Paul and Cathie Slavik

Foster and Coco Stanback

Dianne Steiger*

Robert and Henny Sterman

Steve and Rena Stone

Stergios Theologides and Debora Rodriguez

Kenneth and Sandra Tokita

Kevin and Kim Uyesugi

David Vered*

Michael and Natalie Vishny

Doug and Julie Walker

Paul and Sharon Wallin

Louis and Pansy Wang*

Andrea Weinstein*

Peter Weinstein*

Scott and Karin Wheeler

Bennett and Mary Wong*

Richard and Shareen Young


Michael and Samantha Zambo