Important Documents and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account, sign in, and enroll?

To continue to improve the user experience for our families, we are excited to share that IPSF has launched a new online enrollment system. For a tour of all the new features, check out our Quick Start Guide. We encourage you to take a moment to complete these three easy steps to ensure that you are ready to register when classes open:

  1. Create Account or Sign In to our new online enrollment system
  2. Manage Students to add a student to your profile (required for registration)
  3. Browse and click orange Add Class button to enroll in eligible classes.
    Note: If Add Class button is gray, you cannot add the class because either enrollment is not yet open, you are not signed in, or you don’t have an eligible student added to your account. Your child is only eligible for ACE classes at their home school. 

All users will need to create a parent/guardian account and student profile, even if you have taken classes with us in the past. Data from any accounts on our old system (prior to April 1, 2022) has not been carried over.

Are ACE classes open to all students?

ACE classes are open to students attending Irvine Unifies School District schools where the program in held. Students may only take after school classes at the school they currently attend.

Do you offer scholarships?

Financial support is available to families demonstrating financial need. The scholarship form with more information on requirements and how to apply can be found under “Important Documents”.

ACE Scholarships generously supported by:

How long and what time are the ACE classes?

All classes offered will run for 1 hour (60 minutes) afterschool unless otherwise noted. ACE classes will begin 5-10 minutes after their specific grade dismissal time.

What is the capacity of your classes?

ACE class  capacities depend on grade level and class subject, they can vary from 12-16 students per class.

What are the behavior expectations of students in the program?

In order to maintain a safe, fun, and enriching environment, all students, parents/guardians, and IPSF staff are expected to behave in a respectful manner that promotes the safety and well-being of themselves and others. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: foul language, hurting, teasing, threatening, tattling, name-calling, discussing mature subject matter, negative attitude, back talking to staff, not cooperating or participating, not listening or following directions, fighting, littering, stealing, and being in possession of weapons, alcohol, and/or drugs.

In cases when this is not followed, the child (or children) may be removed from the program and will not be entitled to a class refund of any kind.

Do you provide childcare after your program?

No, but all of our locations have a separate, fee-based on-site childcare center open to IUSD students. Please contact them directly to inquire about availability and arrange care after our program.

My student is enrolled in the childcare program after school. Does my student go to the childcare center before the ACE classes?

If your student is enrolled after school in the onsite childcare program please have your student meet at the centralized meeting location for the ACE classes instead of going directly to the childcare center. IPSF works directly with the onsite childcare centers to notify them of any students enrolled in ACE classes. Once your students’ ACE class has finished an IPSF volunteer coordinator or monitor will walk the students enrolled in the childcare program to the center.

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