Important Documents and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account, sign in, and enroll?

To continue to improve the user experience for our families, we are excited to share that IPSF has launched a new online enrollment system. For a tour of all the new features, check out our Quick Start Guide. We encourage you to take a moment to complete these three easy steps to ensure that you are ready to register when classes open:

  1. Create Account or Sign In to our new online enrollment system
  2. Manage Students to add a student to your profile (required for registration)
  3. Browse and click orange Add Class button to enroll in eligible classes.
    Note: If Add Class button is gray, you cannot add the class because either enrollment is not yet open, you are not signed in, or you don’t have an eligible student added to your account. Your child is only eligible for ACE classes at their home school. 

All users will need to create a parent/guardian account and student profile, even if you have taken classes with us in the past. Data from any accounts on our old system (prior to April 1, 2022) has not been carried over.

Are ACE Online classes open to all students?

ACE Online classes are open to students from any school district. All academic models are eligible for online classes.

Do you offer scholarships?

Financial support is available to families demonstrating financial need. The scholarship form with more information on requirements and how to apply can be found under “Important Documents”.

ACE Scholarships generously supported by:

Are internet access or devices provided?

IPSF is committed to making afterschool programs available to all students. If you child does not have access to internet service and/or a device to participate in classes, please contact us at for assistance.

Can my child participate in virtual ACE classes from their child care program?

Please confirm with your child care provider both of the following before enrolling your child in an ACE class:

1) Your child will have the equipment and connectivity necessary to be able to access the virtual class at the child care location and;

2) The child care program would allow your child to participate in the class while attending the child care program.

Due to current State Licensing requirements for the prevention of COVID, which includes small groups of children and caregivers that remain stable each day (and throughout the week to the greatest extent possible) your child will not be able to participate in ACE classes while attending an Irvine Child Care Project program. All ICCP programs are located on an Irvine Unified School District elementary campus and operated by Child Development Incorporated, Creekers’ Club, Dolphin Club, Kids Club or Rainbow Rising.

What system requirements are necessary to take an online class with IPSF?

Please ensure these requirements can be met prior to enrollment. Refunds will not be granted for inability to meet system requirements. ACE Online classes are conducted online, live using Zoom video conferencing or Google Classroom.

Specific classes have additional hardware and software system requirements. Any additional requirements will be noted in the class description.

Minimum system requirements

Internet Connectivity        DSL or Cable internet service

1.5Mbps download/upload speed (per user)

Hardware                             Computer, laptop, or tablet

Monitor/display, keyboard, mouse, speaker, microphone, webcam, and printer. Headphones with a microphone are encouraged

Software                              Internet browser with current updates applied

Specific classes have additional hardware and software system requirements. Any additional requirements will be noted in the class description.

Are classes live or prerecorded?

All classes are live during scheduled class hours.

Will materials be provided? If not, what materials will I need?

  • Some classes will either have materials provided for pickup or a list of supplies you must provide.
  • Any materials requirements will be noted in the class description.
  • Materials not provided will be minimal and oftentimes can already be found in your home. Some classes will have worksheets or documents to be printed at home and will be communicated by the teacher.
  • Classes with provided materials will be noted in the class description and distributed from the IPSF office the week before classes begin. Pickup instructions will be emailed after enrollment.

What if I have technical issues?

Your student’s teacher should be able to troubleshoot common technical issues. Limited support is also available.

How will IPSF ensure cyber security?

Access to live classes will only be given to enrolled students and will be actively monitored by teachers.

Will you be offering in-person classes?

In-person classes are available at some school sites, please see list above for schools with programs available this session. Please note that only students enrolled in the school where an in-person ACE class is offered may register. 

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