Irvine Talks is a celebration of art and humanity.

Irvine Talks is a celebration of humanity through art and performance. A platform created by students for students, Irvine Talks was founded from the belief that every person has a story to share – and through the sharing of stories, cultivates authenticity, connection, and hope. Last year, in the second district-wide event, students took to visual art, music, spoken word, short films, interactive exhibits, and immersive performances all under the theme “Perspectives”. This year’s theme will explore the human condition through the lens of “Movement”.

Irvine Talks: Chapter 3 will be held on Saturday, November 23 at Portola High School.

Ticket sales for Irvine Talks will go live on Monday, November 18 and close at noon on Friday, November 22.

Event Information

Outdoor Art Exhibition: 5:30 PM

Consisting of student bands, films, art work, interactive experiences, food trucks, & more!

Performance: 7:00 PM