Music Class

 Music Matters in Irvine!

At a time when most public school districts have eliminated school music programs, Irvine’s continues to thrive thanks to community support of IPSF.

IPSF works together with the school district to ensure that each child in every school, TK-3rd grade, receives a quality foundation of music education. Why? Because we know that early exposure to music promotes collaboration and communication skills, creativity, self-expression, leadership, and overall improved academic performance. Music is essential if we want to truly offer a world class and well-rounded education to our students.

Parent and community donations to IPSF fully fund the music program for grades TK-3, and also help supplement music programs through high school. None of this would be possible without your generosity. Thank you for making an impact on your child’s education with a contribution to IPSF’s music initiative.

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