Parents Appreciating Teachers & Staff (PATS)

Teachers and school staff play a special role in the lives of our students. Their steadfast dedication, creativity, love, and compassion greatly enhance each student’s educational experience.

Parents Appreciating Teachers and Staff (PATS) is your opportunity to show appreciation to the extraordinary teachers, principals, and other school staff in your family’s life by honoring them with a donation to IPSF. Each honoree will receive your family’s personal message of gratitude along with recognition of a PATS donation being made in their honor.

Your tax-deductible contribution directly supports the Innovative Grants Program – helping fund grants to create new, innovative learning experiences for our students from Pre-K-12th grade.

Honor an IUSD Educator!

PATS generously supported by:

Educational Excellence Fund

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. Our mission is to help ensure that each child, in every school, is given the tools they need to seize that opportunity. We are passionate about public education and believe that schools should always have the resources to nurture and grow the potential of each child. The Educational Excellence Fund provides resources that empower our schools to deliver a world-class education, secure our children’s futures, and provide our community with an ongoing source of pride, proficiency, and future leadership.

When our children have the tools and opportunities they deserve, the future is bright.

Every child deserves to have access to educational excellence. The bright future we envision for our students is only possible with the generosity of families like yours. You can make a difference by supporting the Educational Excellence Fund today!

All contributions to IPSF are tax-deductible, and thanks to a challenge grant from the City of Irvine, all contributions are matched dollar for dollar, doubling the impact to our students.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do donations to the Educational Excellence Fund support students?

The Educational Excellence Fund raises funds to help IUSD (Irvine Unified School District) provide each student in every school a world-class educational experience. Since 1996, IPSF has donated more than $100 million to support Irvine schools in critical areas including classroom support, mental health, music, STEAM, and health & wellness. For a detailed view of funding made possible from parent and community donations, see the graphic below, or learn more about how IPSF support’s your child’s school.

Why should I give?

Your participation is important. Despite being one of the lowest funded districts in the country, we are fortunate to have one of the largest educational foundations in the state and a community that values education, which have worked together to bridge the gap in funding. When you contribute to IPSF, you support not only your child, but every child in IUSD by investing in their future. The success of IPSF and IUSD depends on the generous support of our entire community!

How much should I give?

Only you can decide what level of support is right for your family. We encourage every family to consider giving at least $50, but all amounts are welcome and appreciated. Together we can make a difference!

What is the City of Irvine match and how does it work?

The City of Irvine has generously committed to matching every donation to IPSF – dollar for dollar – up to $1.3 million. That means that if you contribute $50 to the campaign, $100 will go to the students of Irvine. The impact of your gift will be doubled! No action is required on your end to engage the match, IPSF takes care of all reporting to the City.

Can I spread my commitment over the year?

Contributions may be setup on a reoccurring monthly basis online at www.ipsf.net. A gift paid in installments can ease the financial strain of a one-time donation and provide our students with an ongoing source of support they can count on.

What is the difference between PTA and IPSF?

Although separate organizations, IPSF and Irvine Unified Council PTA share one common goal: work with IUSD to ensure excellence in education. While PTA’s primary mission is advocacy, they also raise funds to support individual schools. IPSF’s primary mission is to provide programs and funding to support district-wide programs at every school. With our different structures, Irvine has great opportunities to support both and together give students what they need to succeed.

What IPSF does:

IPSF’s annual grant to IUSD pays for staff expenses such as teacher salaries. For example, teachers, instructional assistants, mental health professionals, nurses, and athletic trainers were funded in part by IPSF. IPSF programs take place at schools throughout the district, ensuring equal access for all students. For example, Afterschool Classroom Enrichment (ACE), Summer classes and camps, and Instrument Rental. All donations to IPSF are eligible to be matched by the City of Irvine.

What PTA does:

PTA funds site-specific needs, such as equipment and supplies. For example, classroom and art materials, library books, computers and technology purchases, school equipment, and enrichment programs. Most PTA programs are focused at the school site. Examples include assemblies, playground activities, parent education, family nights, jog-a-thons, and book fairs.

Together we are stronger! Click to learn more about exclusive engagement and recognition opportunities.

Join the Giving Circle

keep music alive in Irvine!!

Keep Music Alive

Music Matters in Irvine

At a time when music is being cut from schools around the country, Primary Music in Irvine is funded entirely through donations to IPSF from parents and community.

IPSF works together with the school district to ensure that each child in every school, TK-3rd grade, receives quality music education. Why? Because we know that early exposure to music leads to improved academic performance. Music promotes collaboration, communication, creativity, self-expression, and leadership skills, essential components to a well-rounded education for our students.

IPSF fully funds the Primary Music Program provided to students in kindergarten through third grade. This program provides students with a solid foundation in musical concepts in a fun, supportive environment. IPSF also provides funding for instructional assistants for the 4th -6th grade Instrumental Music program, enabling a richer learning experience for students.

A ten-year study, which tracked over 25,000 middle and high school students, showed that students in music classes receive higher scores on standardized tests than students with little to no musical involvement. The musical students scored, on average, sixty-three points higher on the verbal section and forty-four points higher on the math sections of the SATs than non-music students.

Source: Judson, Ellen. “The Importance of Music.” Music Empowers Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Oct. 2013.

Community support for music has never been more important. Make a donation today to help keep music alive for Irvine students!


Portrait of cute little school girl and childrens on background with backpacks and notebooks outdoor

Endowment & Estate Giving

Investing in Our Children’s Future

From their first day of kindergarten, to the day they walk at graduation, our students have opportunities to explore and learn, to be inspired, and to discover their passions thanks to the generous support of individuals and organizations through Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF). 

Established to build on the success of the last 25 years, the IPSF Endowment Fund creates a long-term and sustainable source of funding for Irvine schools to ensure the advancement of educational excellence for each child in every school, whatever the future may bring

While annual fundraising through the Educational Excellence Fund supports the greatest needs in the current year, the IPSF Endowment Fund creates a consistent funding source to invest in the perpetuity of IPSF’s mission and impact. No other nonprofit in Irvine touches more local families than IPSF as we enrich the educational experience for more than 35,000 students every year. Since 1996, IPSF has funded the people and programs that help set Irvine apart with grants and donations to IUSD totaling more than $80 million. Your donation to the IPSF Endowment Fund is an investment in the future of your community.

Creating Your LegacyIPSF Pillar Society
As a champion for private support and investment in public education, IPSF has become a pillar of the Irvine community. The IPSF Pillar Society was created to honor those who share our commitment to continuing the legacy of educational excellence in our community by making provisions for a future gift through a bequest, life insurance, annuity, trust agreement, real estate, IRAappreciated assets to the IPSF Endowment Fund. Members of this special group share the common bond of philanthropy and vision to provide for the needs of future generations of students.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Irvine Public Schools Foundation, we invite you to become one of the founding 25 members of the IPSF Pillar Society.  

You can show your personal compassion and set an example for others by remembering IPSF in your will, trust, or other planned gift. No gift has a more lasting impact. A planned gift represents a meaningful investment in the future of our community while also offering many potential advantages, including federal estate tax savings, the elimination or reduction of capital gains taxesand the opportunity to increase spendable income. 

IPSF Pillar Society Member Benefits and Recognition

We are grateful to honor every planned gift donor with membershipin the IPSF Pillar Society. As a member, you will enjoy:

  • The satisfaction of making a lasting gift that will benefit Irvine students, and our community, for generations to come.
  • Unless anonymity is requested, members are recognized as part ofIPSF Pillar Society donor list on our website and our annual reports.
  • Special invitations to private gatherings and educational events, along with insider communications from IPSF’s President and CEO.

 By making a planned gift, you join an esteemed group of people who provide lasting contributions to our work. Please let us know if you plan to or have already included IPSF in your will or estate. We would like to thank you for your generosity by including you in the Pillar Society.

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School Spirit Pays

If your business accepts credit and debit cards, you can now automatically contribute to Irvine schools by using School Spirit Pays for your credit card processing. School Spirit Pays has two commitments to you: their fees will be exactly the same, no matter how great your rates; and School Spirit Pays will ensure that the transition is absolutely seamless by having their support staff manage the terminal download or Point of Sale system update. Your business will be promoted to parents, educators, students, and the entire community, who are committed to making local schools better for kids in your community.

Refer a business that signs up for School Spirit Pays and earn a $100 referral bonus for your school PTA! Contact development@ipsf.net to get started.

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