Thank you for your interest in supporting the Irvine Public Schools Foundation. Your gift will help IPSF continue in our mission to enrich the educational experience of each child in every school. To express our gratitude to our donors, donations of $100 or more will be recognized in our Annual Report, unless you request to remain anonymous.

Your child deserves the best

Annual Campaign

Your Child Deserves the Best

State funding does not provide adequate resources to provide the world class educational experience that every parent wants for their child. The IPSF Annual Campaign raises funds to help Irvine schools bridge the funding gap. Since 1996, IPSF has donated more than $63 million to support Irvine schools in critical areas including teacher salaries, music, STEAM, teacher grants, and health & wellness.

All contributions to IPSF are tax deductible, and thanks to a challenge grant from the City of Irvine, all contributions are matched dollar for dollar, doubling the impact to our students.

Great schools don’t just happen – it takes a community dedicated to education to make a difference. Donate today to make your impact!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Annual Campaign money go?

The Annual Campaign raises funds to help IUSD (Irvine Public School District) provide each student in every school a world-class educational experience. Since 1996, IPSF has donated more than $68 million to support Irvine schools in critical areas including class size reduction, music, science, afterschool enrichment programs, technology and health & wellness. For a detailed view of funding this year, see below.

Why should I give?

Your participation is important. Despite being one of the lowest funded districts in the country, we are fortunate to have one of the largest educational foundations in the state and a community that values education, which have worked together to bridge the gap in funding. When you contribute to IPSF, you support not only your child, but every child in IUSD by investing in their future. The success of IPSF and IUSD depends on the generous support of our entire community!

How much should I give?

Only you can decide what level of support is right for your family. We encourage every family to consider giving $50 to become an IPSF Member.

What is the City of Irvine match and how does it work?

The City of Irvine has generously committed to matching every donation to IPSF – dollar for dollar – up to $1.3 million. That means that if you contribute $50 to the campaign, $100 will go to the students of Irvine. The impact of your gift will be doubled! No action is required on your end to engage the match, IPSF takes care of all reporting to the City.

Can I spread my commitment over the year?

Contributions may be setup on a reoccurring monthly basis online at A gift paid in installments can ease the financial strain of a one-time donation and afford the donor the opportunity to make a larger contribution over time.

What is the difference between PTA and IPSF?

Although separate organizations, IPSF and Irvine Unified Council PTA share one common goal: work with IUSD to ensure excellence in education. While PTA’s primary mission is advocacy, they also raise funds to support individual schools. IPSF’s primary mission is to provide programs and funding to support district-wide programs at every school. With our different structures, Irvine has great opportunities to support both and together give students what they need to succeed.

What IPSF does:

Aids in class size reduction by granting funds for staff expenses, such as salaries for instructional assistants, music specialists in K-3, high school athletic trainers, and a district-wide nursing position. Provides grants to teachers to implement innovative teaching methods and technology. Works with corporate sponsors to help fund STEAM-related programs such as the IUSD Science Fair, Donald Bren Honors Concert and the 21st Century Career Conference. Provides quality cost efficient programs such as Summer Enrichment Academy, Afterschool Classroom Enrichment (ACE), and Instrument Rental. All donations to IPSF are eligible to be matched by the City of Irvine.

What PTA does:

Funds site-specific needs which can vary by school such as equipment and supplies, support for PE paraprofessionals, Meet the Masters art program, health clerks, media clerks and enhanced technology. Focuses on school sites, hosting assemblies, playground activities, parent education, book fairs, field trips and coordinate teacher appreciation events and Reflections Program.

We often get asked questions such as “Can our PTA hire more teachers to reduce class size”? and “If PTA can’t hire teachers and keep our class sizes from expanding, who can?” These are great questions and we love how the PTA at one of our schools, Bonita Canyon, answers them. See for more on this topic.