May 19, 2020

Irvine Public Schools Foundation’s (IPSF) mission to provide programs, raise funds, and unite the community in support of educational excellence has resulted in tremendous impact in the quality and equity in Irvine schools. The success that IPSF has achieved would not be possible without crucial public and private partnerships with the City of Irvine, Irvine Unified School District (IUSD), PTA, parents and business community to advocate together to sustain and enhance the educational experience of over 36,000 students.

IPSF greatly appreciates the commitment of the City of Irvine to fully fund the 2020-21 Educational Partnership Fund, which includes the Challenge Match Grant.

This unprecedented partnership provides an innovative and creative approach to public and private partnership that has proven to increase overall fundraising for education, a win-win for our students.

IPSF is honored to receive approximately $1.3 million annually through the Challenge Match Grant. Per our agreement with the City of Irvine, 100% of these funds are forwarded to Irvine Unified School District within 14 days of receipt; IPSF does not take any funds from the Challenge Match Grant for administrative or operating expenses. One hundred percent of funds are used to support Irvine students, specifically to fund class size support measures as specified by the City. Although the Challenge Match Grant does not provide any direct income to IPSF, the match inspires some individuals and corporations to give more generously.

City funds are used by the school district to help add teachers and instructional assistants to classrooms, functionally lowering student to instructor ratios. The impact of these funds on student learning is felt in school throughout IUSD every day:

“When you have a quality instructional aid that can do meaningful work with students, then that frees up the teacher to work with students that need it the most whether that’s in remediation or enrichment. With the supporting aids, we are able to keep things moving on all fronts.” – James Parker, Principal of Plaza Vista

“Instructional assistants are invaluable members of our school. They are encouraging to all students, make every student feel safe and secure in the learning environment, and demonstrate a wonderful compassion for education.” – Ani Bailly, Kindergarten Teacher, College Park Elementary

“We so appreciate the funding that enables us to hire instructional assistants to work in the classrooms with our students. We primarily use our instructional assistants in RTI groups and small learning groupsWe are utilizing our IAs in every grade level.  It is very exciting to see how they are not only working in each grade level, but are developing an expertise in the subject matter.  We have also found a way for them to work with those grade level teachers each week to better serve our students here at Deerfield.” – Dr. Hatchel, Principal, Deerfield Elementary School

Thank you to the City of Irvine for continuing this amazing program for another year!