August 29, 2018

Cooking with children at an early age is a great way to build a lifetime of skills that promote healthy eating habits, nutritional awareness, a sense of achievement, and independence. Each year, IPSF hosts its Summer Culinary Creations and Pastry Pro camps to give students hands-on experience in the culinary and service industries, and be mentored by local industry professionals.

Max Schlutz, Sessions 

This year, IPSF partnered with three of Irvine’s hottest new restaurants to launch a Chef Series during the camps. The series featured guest

chef-led classes including Chef Alex Moreno, Katherine Russ, and Jordan Borlaza of Habana, Katy Smith of Puesto, and Max Schlutz from Sessions West Coast Deli. During the classes, these visionary chefs taught students special recipes from their award-winning restaurants, while sharing their industry expertise and passion for cuisine.

Jordan Borlaza, Habana

Students had a blast creating signature dishes from the restaurants including The Baller sandwich from Sessions, Tinga de Pollo tacos from Puesto, and Turkey Picadillo in a Canoa de Platano and Macarons from Habana.

“It was really cool to meet the chefs and learn how they use different ingredients to create unique flavors. I learned to make lots of awesome recipes and now I’m more confident cooking at home.” –Gavin, 8th grade student in IPSF’s Culinary Creations Camp.

We are so grateful for these partnerships, and proud to offer programs that give young learners the opportunity to explore passions, gain hands-on career experience, and learn first-hand from leaders of local industries.