January 30, 2018

Last spring, Deerfield Elementary was awarded one of IPSF’s $20,000 Mega Innovative Grants for their Kindergarten team to implement their project called Flipping PE. The team was looking for a solution to increase student concentration, focus, gross motor skills, brain function, and behavior in their young learners. The grant allowed them to purchase new furniture that has allowed students to choose from a variety of kinesthetic seating options, including minion chairs, pedal desks, and wobble chairs, and the results have been incredible.

“It is incredibly beneficial for students to move and wiggle while learning,” explains teacher Karen Whippo, “This furniture has been so successful in helping our students maintain focus, enjoy learning, and improve muscle development. I have a student with muscle strength issues, and after just 30 days of school, I noticed an improvement in his posture, ability to maintain balance and ability to sit upright on his carpet square.”


With your help, IPSF is proud to provide grants to help our educators dream big, be inspired, and stay driven to bring new innovative curriculum into their classrooms.

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