July 3, 2019

This summer, Irvine Public Schools Foundation introduced the K-8 Academy, a new kind of IPSF Summer program that gives students the ultimate well-rounded camp adventure! After hearing from parents that choosing a class from our ever-growing course catalog was becoming a challenge, K-8 Academy was born. The new program offers students the opportunity to sample some of the best enrichment experiences that we offer while still benefitting from our academic prep classes upon which the program was founded.

During Session A, students gained academic skills through grade level prep, and also had the opportunity to sample a variety of enrichment activities including STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), outdoor games, culinary arts, and independent exploration. Students also got the chance to experience Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Center, which educated students about clean water and preserving the world’s ocean. Allowing students to explore different areas of interest helps to open them up to new ideas and keep them more deeply engaged. It also provides the teachers with the opportunity to interact with a wider variety of students.

“Giving students the opportunity to see different teachers and do different activities each day ensures that each day is a new adventure.” said Corey Pace, Site Administrator.

Session A concluded with a fun day outside with an all-school field day. Students rotated between different games and activities including jump rope, bowling, water games and obstacle courses. Students worked on their teamwork and listening skills, and above all, had a great time!

We look forward to expanding the K-8 Academy program next year so that more students can benefit from a diverse array of academic and enrichment experiences, keeping their minds and bodies engaged over the summer!