Preparing the Future Googlers

Preparing the Future Googlers

July 9, 2020

“Studying computer science makes you an excellent problem-solver. The career possibilities are endless!”  Winston Lan, Googler. 

Many high school students dream of working for a company like Google someday, but a group of Irvine students are doing more than dreaming, learning firsthand from Googlers what it takes to secure an interview and career in Computer Science. During an hour-long virtual panel discussion, students were able to ask Googlers about their careers, education, and suggestions on how students can set themselves apart in the industry.  

 “High school students should start doing something now if they want to get noticed by Google in an interview later. Start creating apps, integrate CS and design, go to conferences, build games with your friends, build websites for organizations you care about, or code something- pick something you are passionate about and start creating. Passion matters a lot!” explained Dave Otaguro, Googler. 

Many students from IPSF’s Irvine CubeSat STEM Program joined the panel, sharing their passion and skills gained through collaborating with students from all five high schools in Irvine to build, test, and launch nanosatellites into space.  Technical skills are important; however Googlers were most impressed by the program’s emphasis on real-word skills that will set the students apart, including communication, teamwork, growth mindset, and collaboration  

Interacting with Irvine students is the highlight of our annual student experience. They always bring the best questions and participate fully. said Dave Otaguro, Googler.  

IPSF remains committed to providing students with opportunities that enrich their educational experience with the help of our amazing partners, and we are grateful to Google for sharing this opportunity with our students!