August 26, 2020

As we start a new school year together, we want to take a moment to recognize the accomplishments that are made possible because of the generosity of the families who donated to IPSF last year. We are proud that we were able to donate over $6 million in grants, donations and program support to IUSD during the 2019-20 school year.

How did Irvine students benefit?

Individual Attention for Your Child

Your donations put additional teachers and instructional assistants in every elementary school (over 500 hours, every week), and added extra sections of core classes in middle and high schools. When teachers have more time with students, everyone wins!


Music Instruction in Every School 

We work together with the school district to ensure that each child in every school, receives quality music education starting in kindergarten. Why? Because early exposure to music promotes collaboration and communication skills, creativity, self-expression, leadership, and improved academic performance.


Innovation in Classrooms 

Because of you, more than $200,000 in grants were awarded to teachers to develop innovative teaching methods in our schools. Investments like these ensure that Irvine schools stay competitive and prepare your student for whatever the future holds.


Mental Health

IPSF has committed to help fund K-12 mental health initiatives throughout the district. This new funding area will support IUSD’s commitment to providing world-class school mental health and wellness resources and programs to support all students.


Health and Wellness

Funding for athletic trainers in every high school and an additional district-wide school nurse, help support a learning environment for your child to thrive. Healthy students perform better academically and are significantly less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors.


Inspiring Big Dreams

Students have more opportunities to explore interests and cultivate dreams through unique programs like the Irvine CubeSat STEM Program, Science Fair, Naviance counseling software, college scholarships and more. The sky is no longer the limit!


Because of parent donations, this past year we served nearly 25,000 students through our programs like Instrument Rental, ACE, and Summer Enrichment Academy, and provided need- based scholarships to 100% of all qualified students.

Parents like you have the power to make a positive impact on your child’s education, and with your help, we can continue to support your student and every child in IUSD in meaningful ways!

We deeply value your time and enthusiasm for our mission – thank you for joining us on this journey.