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Early Childhood


Primarily, we have been supported by IPSF through the ITAP grant program, and have written grants almost every year! IPSF has supported:

Development of multiple site initiatives related to
• Social emotional skill development
• Gross motor skill development
• Language and communication development
• Music and movement

In addition to this, we have received support though Visual and Performing Arts funding, supported by IPSF, to explore creativity in the arts at preschool. The money has supported professional learning for teachers, and this year, we plan to continue to explore creativity and use our IPSF monies to support ongoing training with teachers.

Robin Hunter- Principal, Early Childhood Learning Center


Elementary Schools


At Alderwood Elementary School, we are so grateful for the financial support provided by IPSF and how it positively impacts our students directly. Of our 15 Instructional Assistants, IPSF helps to fund 7 of them providing over 85 hours per week of added instructional support. Students are able to see IA's in their classroom an average of 5 hours each week. Instructional Assistants work with students across all grade levels TK-6 and all curriculum areas. They are especially utilized to support our RTI groups, various English Language Arts small groups, and Math learning groups. These groups allow students to have more specialized and differentiated instruction and activities. 

We also use IPSF funds to support programs at Alderwood that provide enrichment opportunities to our students. Through the ACE after school program and our Summer Enrichment program, our students are able to have educational experiences that they may not otherwise be able to have. These classes allow our students to participate in guitar, chess, golf, computer programing and so many more lessons. One of our favorites has been our musical theater class! We loved last year's presentation of "The Little Mermaid" and look forward to "Peter Pan" this year.

Kelli Cheshire- Principal, Alderwood Elementary


Bonita Canyon

At Bonita Canyon, we use our aides to create an atmosphere of smaller classrooms. Our aides and teachers work together to provide smaller group opportunities for intervention and enrichment. We currently have six Instructional assistants for our K-6 students. They are used in every area with a concentration of time dedicated to ELA and Math.

There are so many ways we are supported by IPSF. Our ACE programs give our students the ability to explore areas of academics we don't normally offer during our regular program. IPSF has grown their programs to a point where they are an integral piece to many things we offer at our sites. Students don't just get support in the form of money any longer, IPSF gives them Summer opportunities, after school sports, instrument rental and many other enriching possibilities. IPSF is an important piece that makes Irvine one of the best districts in the U.S. Thanks IPSF!

Corey Pace- Principal, Bonita Canyon



At Brywood, classroom support funds are used to hire five part-time instructional assistants who support "Response to Instruction" in Kindergarten through 6th grade. Every general education classroom receives aide support in ELA and/or Math for a minimum of one hour per day. 

From music, to classroom support, to enrichment opportunities, our students get to experience a variety of enrichment opportunities that are unique to IUSD. Through classroom support monies, instructional assistants are hired to support and enhance our academic program. For many of our students, music is the highlight of their elementary years. Our students love having string, winds, and choral music as a part of their school program. Nothing beats the smiling faces of students as they return to a new school year carrying an instrument that was rented from the IPSF supported instrument rental program. During the summer, many of our students take advantage of the summer enrichment program that furthers their skills and abilities in science, math, reading, art and music. As a site administrator, I am so grateful to IPSF for maintaining, enhancing, and enriching the educational experience of all students in the Irvine Unified School District.

Astrid Ramirez- Principal, Brywood


Canyon View

We utilize IPSF funds to support our 12 Instructional Assistants. Our Instructional Assistants are assigned to work in TK-6th grade classrooms during English Language Arts instruction to support small group instruction. Some grade levels currently implement the “Response to Instruction” program and IAs are assigned to specific classrooms for one hour a day to support intervention and enrichment. A class of 30 is able to work in smaller groups of 10 with the teacher, IA, and a parent volunteer. Other grade levels are implementing Daily 5 during English Language Arts. The IAs are used to reduce the teacher:student ratio by working with small groups while the classroom teacher engages in 1:1 conferences with students.

During Daily 5 IAs support students “read to self, read to others, word work or work on writing.” At Canyon View we also assign Instructional Aides to each grade level to support Tier 2 Intervention. Each grade level receives an additional 30 minutes / day of IA time to utilize for Intervention in any academic area of need. For example, 4th grade may need this support during math, allowing teachers to differentiate and individualize instruction. The teacher may have the IA work with a group of students on ST Math while they pull a small group for re-teaching. Or, the classroom teacher might pull a small group of students to provide explicit English Language Development instruction while the IA leads the class in a Health lesson. Our Instructional Aides also support the P.E. Paraprofessionals when they teach large groups of students. In addition, several IAs support TK/Kindergarten specifically during RTI and to supervise the TK/K students during recess and lunch. 

Christina Giguiere- Principal, Canyon View Elementary School


College Park

At College Park Elementary School, IPSF adds support into our classrooms through Instructional Assistants. Our teachers in Irvine are so fortunate to have aides who help during our RTI time, pulling small groups of students who need extra support or supporting the rest of the class while teachers pull the small groups. With these trained aides, teachers are able to meet the needs of all students with more individualized attention, whether their students need extra support or extra challenge in the area of reading, writing, math, learning English, or any other curricular areas. In addition, the only reason that we can offer after school classes to our parents this year is because of IPSF, and they provide outstanding Summer Enrichment class options for families. We are so fortunate in Irvine Unified to have the support that we do from our friends at IPSF!

Meg Gwyn- Principal, College Park Elementary School



Providing something for students that not only captures their attention but blows their mind is a challenge. With the amazing support of IPSF, we are able to design a learning space that optimizes innovation while addressing the eight science and engineering principals of the Next Generation Science Standards. Through the use of virtual reality computers, flexible learning spaces, multiple platforms of technology and robots, and redesigned aesthetics...we will provide a science learning environment that embraces the highest quality educational experience we can envision. Students will have a safe opportunity to take risks and explore in ways that were never before possible. Thanks to IPSF, we are preparing children to thrive in the future by allowing them to immerse themselves in that environment today.

Aaron Jetzer- Principal, Culverdale Elementary


Cypress Village

By using IPSF class size reduction funds, we are able to support teachers and students with instructional assistants through TK – 6th grade classes. The instructional assistants (IAs) push into classrooms collaborating and working directly with the teacher and students to provide more targeted instruction for students of all levels. Having instructional assistants in all grade levels allow for all students to have access to more targeted and personalized learning. Students are able to be instructed in smaller groups, providing more opportunities for hands on learning, and receiving both re-teaching and enrichment learning opportunities. IPSF programs provide enrichment and creative learning opportunities that allow for students to extend their educational experiences beyond the classroom; developing thinking and reasoning skills that support whole child development.

Carla Beal- Principal, Cypress Village Elementary



We so appreciate the funding IPSF provides as we are able to hire instructional assistants to work in the classrooms with our students. We primarily use our instructional assistants in RTI groups and small learning groups. We now have 15 instructional assistants at our school.

We are utilizing our IAs in every grade level. It is very exciting to see how they are not only working in each grade level, but are developing an expertise in the subject matter. We have also found a way for them to work with those grade level teachers each week to better serve our students here at Deerfield. Our core focus is on language arts. We have IAs in Rti at each grade level every day of the week. We also have them helping in math depending on student needs. This year, we have blocked out a certain amount of time each week for specific IAs to help with our Title I students to provide interventions when necessary. It is written into our schedule that instructional assistants are assisting in each grade level a minimum of 2 hours per day for language arts support. It is even more when working in other subject areas.

Julie Hatchel- Principal, Deerfield Elementary School



The greatest contribution IPSF makes to our site is the funding to hire qualified instructional support staff. At Eastshore, we utilize IPSF's funds to hire instructional assistants (IA's) as well as to provide professional development for these employees. IA's are able to reduce class size by supporting teachers during core instruction. We use district resources to provide training in PBIS, and intervention strategies for reading and math. We currently have seven Instructional Assistants who support general education in K-6. IA's are primarily used in reading and math but they also support during content area instruction such as Science and Social Studies, where reading strategies are paramount to success.

In addition, we hold ACE classes at Eastshore each year and both our primary and upper grade students enjoy participating in these engaging classes. We also have a large number of students who participate in the instrumental music program and benefit from being able to rent their instruments through IPSF. 

Lisa Kadam- Principal, Eastshore Elementary



IPSF funds over 47 hours of classroom support for the staff and students at Greentree Elementary School. Classroom support equates to additional people, in the form of instructional assistants (IA's), five in our case, who work with our students during Response to Instruction (RTI)  at all grade levels K–6. With this additional support, our students' individual needs are better met due to smaller group/class sizes for at least one hour each day, five days/week in the core subject area of Reading/Language Arts. We cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for the continued financial assistance from IPSF for classroom support to help keep our RTI groups small in order to better meet the needs of ALL of our students.

Tammi Brown – Greentree


Meadow Park

We use our IPSF support for our Instructional Aides. We currently have Instructional Aides in each grade level K-6. In grade levels 1-6, it is critical to have our aide support because we maximize our resources for RTI (Response to Instruction). Our students are placed on their abilities and those who need the most support are with a teacher with a minimum amount of students. The instructional aide allows the classroom teacher to work with a qualified instructional aide to make sure all of the students' needs are being met. Currently we have seven instructional assistants and we are turning in paperwork to hire 5 more. Our instructional aides assist the teacher in both Language Arts and math.

Because we are lucky enough to have many parent volunteers on campus, they see firsthand all the great work they do. What is spectacular is that we have our former PTA President serving as an Instructional Assistant. Susan Kramer is not only a great gift to the students but can state how important this program is. When we are fully staff, we plan on having two instructional assistants per grade level. Having come previously from a district where instructional aides were only for special education students, I can't thank IPSF enough for the tremendous support to help all students. It is truly a gift.

Thomas Potwora- Principal, Meadow Park Elementary School


Northwood Elementary

At Northwood, we use IPSF's classroom support funds to employ Instructional Assistants to support classroom instruction. Students are positively impacted by the additional support. Having Instructional Assistants support classroom instruction allows students to receive more individualized feedback, and allows the classroom teacher to closely monitor students practicing skills with accuracy. Instructional assistants allow classroom teachers to have increased opportunities to differentiate and meet the needs of individual students. Our 16 Instructional Assistant support K-6 teachers and are able provide intervention or acceleration more frequently.

IPSF programs benefits students because it helps to bridge the gap in academics and extracurricular activities. Examples specific to our campus include IPSF providing instruments to student who would not otherwise have access. ACE classes held at the school site allow students to participate in fun and academic classes after school.

Janelle Kellar- Principal, Northwood Elementary


Oak Creek

With IPSF support funds, over 20 instructional assistants are utilized to support leveled reading instruction (referred to as RTI), which occurs 3-4 times per week in each grade level K-6. By strategically pushing one or two IAs into certain classrooms, we are able to facilitate student rotations, which effectively reduce the adult to student ratio by two thirds.

In addition to RTI, IAs are utilized to cover classes while teachers across a grade level are liberated to participate in their Professional Learning Communities, which focus on improving learning outcomes via responsive and intentional instructional practices. IAs are also used to support academic and behavioral interventions that target some of the lowest performing students in core content areas across a grade level. During this time, they deliver scripted small group instruction and skill-building support to designated students.

Of all the IPSF programs, the SEA is of greatest impact to our families. We routinely host one of the largest programs, and our parents and children relish the opportunity to engage in fun and engaging summer classes in their neighborhood alongside both new and familiar faces. These classes are seen as especially useful for socializing new students and providing access to extra-curricular options (arts, technology, etc. ) that we have less time for during the traditional school year.

Carlo Grasso –Principal, Oak Creek Elementary School


Portola Springs Elementary

It is through the generous financial support of IPSF that we are able to provide opportunities for small group instruction throughout your child's day. Many of our Instructional Assistants are funded through IPSF including Ms. Li who serves 1st-3rd grade and Mrs. Thome who serves 4th-6th Grade. Both Ms. Li and Mrs. Thome are able to pull small groups for math and reading. They serve each grade level at least one hour each day. During RTI or reading groups, both of these fabulous Instructional Assistants push into classrooms to work with small groups, or pull small groups of students into the collaborative common areas to work on specific skills.

In TK and Kindergarten, Ms. Larbah and Ms. Shirley work 5 days a week to support students in the classroom. Every day Ms. Larbah and Ms. Shirley run centers, support whole group instruction, and help to facilitate all the interactive learning opportunities in our TK and K rooms. Without them, students wouldn't get the small group experiences that more specifically target their individual needs.

IPSF Instrument Rental allows our 4th-6th grade students to have access to instruments for upper grade music. Last year in the fall, IPSF offered ACE classes including Lego Building, Breakdancing, Calligraphy, and more. These after school classes gave students access to exciting and engaging topics. We hope to offer more IPSF ACE classes this year!

Megan Bricker- Principal, Portola Springs Elementary


Santiago Hills

Our classroom support funds are used to support reading instruction in smaller groups. The instructional flexibility that it allows for learning has a tremendous impact on our students. Our five instructional aides support RTI in various grade levels from TK-6 and general classroom support in others. They focus mainly on Reading and general/integrated content. Each grade level gets support daily and it's about 5+ hours weekly.

We are so lucky to have the support of IPSF and the programs that are provided. The options provided for families and the support for instruction is unmatched and valuable to our learning program. Having instructional aides to reduce the size of instructional groups allows for differentiation and targeted instruction, while reducing any behavioral challenges with more personal attention from the adults in the room.

Dr. Michele Ogden- Principal, Santiago Hills Elementary School



Our instructional assistants are a valued and integral part of our instructional program. They provide classroom support and small group instruction for all students in K-6, as well as for students in need of targeted interventions. Instructional assistants help provide differentiation for various student learning levels so that our students can maximize their achievement. We currently have eight instructional assistants including some through kinder support, some through Title 1 funding as well. These instructional assistants are utilized every day, 1-2 hours per day, primarily in ELA and math.

IPSF's programs greatly enhance our core instructional program. ACE classes, elementary music, and summer school programs truly round out our students' educational experience. Thank you for your support IPSF!

Sunny Shen- Principal, Springbrook Elementary School


Stone Creek

Our five instructional assistants support RTI in multiple grade levels from K-6, providing support to our most struggling readers. They also provide math small learning groups support to students needing re-teaching, re-enforcement and/or enrichment. Additionally, they support our first grade teachers with providing reading interventions. They also support our students in ELA and math. Our students will see an instructional assistant supporting their needs in the classroom for approximately an hour and a half daily.

IPSF programs impact our students' access to the educational program each day during the school year through the classroom support provided. Beyond that, IPSF programs such as ACE offer our students the opportunity to explore specific interests, engage in STEAM educational experiences, and pursue creative and athletic experiences. Our upper grade students have the opportunity to experience music instruction beyond vocal thanks to the convenient and accessible IPSF instrument rental program. For some students, this would not be possible without the scholarship program IPSF offers. IPSF brings the range of educational experiences our students can access to a level far beyond what most districts can offer. IUSD students benefit greatly from our partnership with IPSF.

Jenna Berumen- Principal, Stone Creek Elementary School



IPSF provides support that benefits each and every student at Stonegate. Through IPSF funds, we are able to increase instructional support personnel in grades K-6 to assist in RTI, provide small-group interventions, and implement enrichment activities for students. After school, many of our students attend ACE classes and during summer, participate in the Summer Enrichment Academy.

We are so very grateful to IPSF for their part in supporting our community – they truly make a difference!

Dennis Gibbs- Interim Principal, Stonegate School


Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock Elementary is so grateful for the support from IPSF. With IPSF's support, we have been able to place additional instructional aides at each grade level for RTI. In classes that run anywhere from 30-33, the support has made it possible to bring down the adult to student ratio during that RTI time. Walking into classrooms, instructional assistants can be observed working with small groups on activities that reinforce what the classroom teacher has just taught. The teacher is able to turn their attention to teaching a small group, while the instructional assistant supports students working independently. In addition to support in the classroom, instructional assistants have a huge role in providing a double dose of reading reinforcement for struggling students in our afternoon intervention groups.

Additionally, ACE is very popular here at TR and with IPSF support, students have a huge choice of enrichment classes that range from Yoga Story Time to Code Academy to Lego League. Thanks IPSF for all that you do for IUSD each and every day!

Karen Catabijan, Turtle Rock Elementary


University Park

IPSF funding provides HUGE instructional benefits to UP Students. Instructional Assistants are used to support small group instruction during RTI (Response to Instruction). This reduces the adult to student ratio, particularly for struggling learners, allowing teachers to run small group instruction while targeting specific learning goals. These IAs are also utilized to support small group math instruction and remediation. We saw a marked improvement in our 6th grade CAASP ELA and Math scores!

Additionally, our teachers have applied for and received iTAP technology grants. Grants are written to support our schoolwide technology goals and iTAP grants provide a source for additional funding. ACE classes provide extra-curricular classes that focus on content our students are generally not exposed to, the Arts, musical theatre, coding classes, etc. As a Title 1 school, the Instrument Rental is essential. Many of our families simply cannot afford to have their students play instruments without that type of support.

Principal- Christine Amoroso, University Park



Our ability to differentiate, provide instruction personalized to each student's unique needs, is greatly enhanced through the help of additional instructors in the classroom. We have four instructional assistants at Westpark, who push into reading instruction in grades K-6. Although the model varies at each grade level, they are being utilized to teach small groups of students so that individualized needs can be targeted. When there are six to eight students in a group, the impact is huge. Student engagement increases and there are increased opportunities to interact with the adult providing instruction and receive additional feedback. This amounts to gains in reading ability at every level.

In addition, afterschool programs have an enormous impact in that they offer students a well-rounded enrichment experience that we couldn't possibly offer during the school day. Through these programs, I have heard the sounds of cheers from our multi-purpose room when a student gives a final speech in the public speaking class or smelled the amazing aroma coming from our kitchen, where students are taking a cooking class. I have happened upon lego engineering, fashion camp, and breakdancing. Whatever class I see, students are having a great time and learning something new.

There is also not enough that can be said for the mega-grant that we got last year. The site was able to match the $25,000 grant that we got from IPSF and we now have a premium quality sound system in our MPR that we utilize for student performances in our talent show and spring play, as well as other events during the year. It has truly taken performance arts to the next level!

Deanna Rutter - Principal, Westpark



The contributions and support Woodbury receives from IPSF are invaluable. Because the funds have allowed us to have instructional assistant support in every grade, students receive increased direct instruction and personal academic coaching from qualified instructors daily.

Additionally, through IPSF's facilitation of the ACE program, we are able to offer our students a wide range of after school programs like performing in a musical, running with our Mustang Miler Club, producing live newscasts through IUSD TV, or Lego engineering to engage their mind, experience something new, or develop their talents. I know of no other school district in Orange County offering these kinds of student opportunities on such an advanced level.

Alan Battenfield- Principal, Woodbury Elementary


K-8 Schools

Beacon Park

Currently Beacon Park has employed two Instructional Aides, Kimberley Quon and Debi Stoffel, with the Large Class Size Support funds. They daily work with small math and reading groups in the 1st through 6th Grades. These groups focus on additional support and intervention for some students and are enrichment groups for other students. We are better able to meet individual student needs through small group instruction. Every student, regardless of their academic ability, are able to learn, grow, and improve their skills and understanding.

Currently, we have three Instructional Aides; since we are in our first year and smaller in terms of enrollment. We expect our enrollment and staff to triple in the next couple of years. At this point in time, there are more hours of support in the K – 3rd grades, students are younger, less independent, and require more support. As we settle into routines and complete hiring, the Upper Grade students will be provided with more support.
Our Instructional Aides focus support on mathematics, English Language Arts, and science labs or hands on support. The Instructional Aides are on campus daily, with an allocation of about 8 hours per grade level. This equates to about 1.5 hours of classroom support a day from a student's perspective.

The IPSF programs provide opportunities for more student talents and interests to be explored and pursued. In a regular classroom with thirty students and teachers providing instruction in multiple content areas it is more difficult for classroom teachers to provide problem solving experiences with coding, technology, and robotics. Likewise, the specific skills and talents for instruction in music and the visual arts limits the opportunities for students or hinders students from having common or comparable experiences from class to class or grade level to grade level. IPSF makes these experiences accessible to all students on campus. They are also able to provide multiple ACE classes that allow students to participate in beginning to advanced level courses. The variety of 'elective' opportunities for students is broader than what we can offer during the school day. Specific benefits to students: students participate in a highly motivating setting with a high level of personal engagement. Students who may not feel successful in the classroom have an environment to showcase their skills and talents. It creates environments on campus where student experience a sense of belonging, they have a class and cohort of friends who share common interests and talents.

Bob Curley- Principal, Beacon Park


Plaza Vista

When you have high quality instructional aides that can do meaningful work with students, then that frees up the teacher to work with students that need it the most whether that's in remediation or enrichment. One of the amazing ways instructional aides help at Plaza Vista is during our award-wining Daily 5 language arts structure at the elementary level.

The quality of people we are able to hire in IUSD for those support positions with IPSF's help is incredible- we have multiple instructional aides not only with Bachelor's degrees but several with graduate degrees including a registered nurse, a MD, and several instructional aides with teaching credentials.
Our current teaching ranks includes several people who started in IUSD as instructional aides positions that were funded by IPSF.

Plaza Vista is the only school in IUSD where every student in grades four through eight takes music (vocal, band, or orchestra) and that would not be possible without IPSF.
Thank you IPSF for you continued support of instructional aids and music in our schools!

James Parker, Principal of Plaza Vista


Vista Verde

At Vista Verde, we've felt the impact most strongly in classroom support for K-8. Our music program, as a K-8, is large! IPSF support of the visual and performing arts—particularly support for the instructional assistant that works directly with our music teachers, allows us to maximize teacher instructional contact with students. Our teaching staff in VAPA can't say enough about how much this benefits the overall program. Additionally, our 11 instructional assistants support our small group instruction (GROW groups) by reducing the number of students in our RTI program.

We also have a robust ACE Program that benefits our student's afterschool. Instrument rental also is important for us as our program is large across many grade levels (4th to 8th).

Jerry Vlasic, Principal- Vista Verde School


Middle Schools

Jeffrey Trail

Funds from IPSF benefit our students by enabling us to offer academic enrichment courses both during summer and the school year. Their programs allow students to explore their interests as well as reinforce their learning in core curricular areas.

The IPSF ACE program impacts students and parents looking for extra support or activities after school. The Naviance program also plays a pivotal role in guidance lessons. Our Counselors use Naviance to help guide discussion regarding future College planning, financial planning, and self-discovery.

Michael Georgino- Principal, Jeffrey Trail Middle School



At Lakeside, we are so grateful for IPSF's continued support that allows us to run additional classes in areas of critical need. Specifically, we use the funds to offer a science workshop class for students who struggle with science and to partially fund a mathematics intervention class. Neither of these would be possible without the support that IPSF gives us. It makes a huge difference for our students as they prepare for high school and beyond.

In addition, our students are introduced to Naviance through structured lessons provided by our counselors. Over the course of six classrooms visits, our counselors allow students to access Naviance to explore colleges and careers.
Our students are also very involved in IPSF tournaments and summer enrichment offerings. It allows them the opportunity to interact with other IUSD students and teams in a variety of healthy ways.

Gina Cuneo- Principal, Lakeside Middle School


Rancho San Joaquin

IPSF gives us additional flexibility in how we staff our school. Rancho has typically been allotted 1 full-time and 1 part-time counselor based on our student enrollment numbers. Additional funding from IPSF allows us to ensure that we have 2 full-time counselors on our campus at all times and the work they do with our students, staff, and community is invaluable.

Through the Naviance Counseling program, Students have access to goal-setting tools, personality inventories, college and career search engines, and a variety of guidance lessons related to personal development, career exploration, and college pathways. Counselors facilitate guidance lessons in the classrooms throughout the school year. Students' data is saved to their personal Naviance account, allowing students and their families to also explore further independently at home.

In addition, IPSF's programs give students the chance to connect with their peers outside of the traditional classroom setting. It's a different kind of learning when kids are involved in classes and activities that are entirely within their sphere of interest and students benefit from getting to explore, learn, and grow within realms they are truly passionate about.

Mike Modeer- Principal, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School


Sierra Vista

Thanks to the support of IPSF, Sierra Vista students have smaller class sizes in their core classes; receive instruction for how to use Naviance which allows each student to begin their college and career exploration and self-discovery; and have the opportunity to participate in the ACE program – enjoying classes which include cooking, gaming, jazz band, and yoga to name a few. The mission of IPSF is to "enrich the educational experience of each child in every school." At Sierra Vista, it's a mission accomplished because of the hard work of the IPSF team and supporters!

Lynn Matassarin, Ed. D.- Principal, Sierra Vista Middle School


South Lake

At South Lake Middle School, we are extremely fortunate to benefit from the financial support of IPSF. All students directly benefit from a decrease in class size due to the funding provided from IPSF. In addition, through the Innovative Counseling Award Program (iCAP) South Lake has been able to:

• Continue and increase student participation in the "Heart and Sole Program" for girls. This program creates a positive, structured space for middle school girls to learn about themselves, explore new ideas, cultivate empathy, strengthen connections and skills to navigate their adolescence. Each 10-week session includes physical activity and culminates in a 5K Run. Through the funding of iPSF, we are able to provide fit bits for each girl, coaches trainings and the subscription to the program's curriculum.
• All our Counselors are able to be trained in "Mindfulness" to be able to provide targeted training in this practice for students with high levels of tension, anxiety and stress.

Through the support of Innovative Teaching Award Program (iTAP), teachers on site have been awarded grants for:
• "Increasing Health and Productivity in Persons with Disabilities" by affording modified exercise equipment for our special needs program.
• "Animating Education Through the Use of BrainPOP" by affording site licenses to use BrainPOP curriculum to differentiate instruction in the classroom.
• "Next Generation Fit4Life" provides funds for fitness equipment for all students to use in P.E.

Belinda Averill- Principal, South Lake Middle School



Funds from IPSF help us reduce our average class sizes across the master schedule and are greatly appreciated. In addition, we utilize the Naviance Counseling Program as a tool for students to self-explore Colleges and Careers. In the past years we have utilized Strengths Explorers, College Supermatch, Career Key and Roadtrip Nation. It is a helpful tool to start the process of college and career exploration.

IPSF's ACE program enables our students to take a wide variety of classes that we do not offer, thus enriching a student's educational experience here at Venado.

Principal- Luis Torres, Venado Middle School


High Schools


IPSF has provided tremendous support for our student programs at Creekside Education Center. One of the many programs IPSF supports is our afterschool Creekside Community Leadership Academy which operates in conjunction with the City of Irvine Youth Action Team. This program runs 3 days per week and includes a community speaker series as well as opportunities for students to provide volunteer service in the community. Additionally IPSF funds help support our student recognition activities and events. Without the support of IPSF, these programs would not be possible.


Irvine High School

IPSF has been an instrumental partner with IUSD and Irvine High School. School wide their investment in our students through their support of Naviance has allowed us to enhance our counseling program and has provided a value added resource that assists our students with their high school and post high school plans.

The safety and wellbeing of our student-athletes has increased with IPSF's support of a Certified Athletic Trainer. Our Athletic Trainer is available daily to help support, treat, and educate our student-athletes about their injuries so that they can get back to their playing field safely.

Our after school homework club supported through IPSF, provides us a means for all our student to access additional academic support to leverage success in the classroom.

Finally with IPSF's support we are able to add additional staffing that allows us to decrease class size in math and science sections. Without a doubt we are able to provide better opportunities for all our students due to our partnership with IPSF.

Monica Colunga- Principal, Irvine High School


Northwood High School

At NHS we have been able to lower our class size specifically for freshmen level courses such as English, History, Science and Math 1 with the support from IPSF. All of our student use Naviance to do career and college exploration activities. This allows students to explore their passions and find the right match for them. In addition, all seniors utilize Naviance for the private school application process and to organize and monitor the whole process. Applying to college is an overwhelming experience and Naviance is there to support our seniors through it!

Our Athletic Trainers that are funded by IPSF are vital! They not only are the first aid responders, they follow up with injured athletes and their parents. In addition, they ensure safety procedures are in place and the students' safety and wellness remain a priority!

IPSF has also been a huge support for our CubeStat project. This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to work together across schools in an industry standard project. The teamwork at the schools as well as between the schools has brought learning for these students to a whole new level.

Leslie Roach- Principal, Northwood High School


Portola High School

At PHS we use the classroom support funds to reduce class size. We are able to add sections to the master schedule to offer more spaces for students. As a new high school, we are looking forward to training our families on how to make the best use of this powerful program. From inventories to searches, our kids will be able to use this over the next four years.

In addition, our Athletic Trainer on campus is invaluable. With over 50% of our students in athletics our athletic trainer is incredibly busy with injury treatment and prevention. She works with the coaches, entire teams and individual athletes on a daily basis. It gives our community a sense of confidence that our athletes will always be well taken care of and that the athletes health and wellbeing is a top priority.

John Pehrson- Principal, Portola High School


University High School

As our school staff attempts to construct programs and classes that meet the needs of a growing variety of student learners, the funding provided by IPSF is crucial. The additional sections allow us to open specific courses and additional class sections that meet the unique needs of students – even if the number of students is small. Our Lit Lab, for example, allows for a small group of students to receive much needed additional literacy support to persevere through the rigor of high school.

The process of university selection is more challenging than ever. Our students have to identify not only schools to which they can gain admittance, but the right school to develop their goals and aspirations. Naviance is a robust tool that allows students to research multiple universities from various aspects. For those students who cannot afford additional college counseling services, this is especially valuable.

In addition, we are currently at a point in which high school athletics has never been more intense and competitive and we are more aware than ever of the potential for serious injury. Having a qualified athletic trainer is indispensable. The funding support we receive allows us to attract highly qualified personnel. We had to hire a new trainer for this year and were able to interview several qualified candidates. Our eventual choice brought both collegiate and professional sports training experience. Our student athletes are safer because of that.

The biggest example of how IPSF has impacted programing has to be the CubSat program. When our teacher, Tinh Tran, received his first grant to support our UNITE Engineering program, that opened up incredible opportunities for our students which eventually led to the CubeSat program for all of Irvine. When describing the program to a friend who currently works in Aerospace, he was simultaneously jealous and grateful that our students have access to such amazing real-life learning opportunities.

We greatly appreciate the work and support being done by IPSF!

Kevin Astor, Ed.D.- Principal, University High School


Woodbridge High School

We utilize the support from IPSF to both add intervention based classes for our Student Success program and open additional room in our impacted courses. Our Student Success program provides support for students who have a disconnect between their ability and performance, providing academic support, guidance for life after high school, a home base for socioemotional needs, and organizational skills for the students.

In addition, the Naviance program has become a part of the culture of the WHS community and an integral part of our guidance curriculum. Our families have come to rely on the information it provides and our counselors see it as an exceptional tool to help support student plans for life after high school.

Our athletic trainers are the MVP of our athletic program. Beyond supporting injuries, our athletic trainers have moved to a model that helps educate families and teach them proactive ways to keep our student athletes from suffering injuries in the first place.

Christopher Krebs- Principal Woodbridge High School