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Innovative Grants Program

IPSF promotes and recognizes innovative teaching and counseling projects within IUSD through the Innovative Teaching and Counseling Award Program (ITAP/ICAP). These grants help to fund innovative approaches, which bring deeper meaning to curriculum and improve the educational experiences of students. Grants are funded through a combination of support from corporate partners and parent support through the Parents Appreciating Teachers and Staff program.

Since 1996, IPSF has awarded OVER $1.2 million to teachers and counselors, benefiting over 100,000 students since the program’s inception! Funding ranges from $100 to $25,000 for projects that support instruction in schools across the district.


2017 Winners
Teacher Grants

Application Information

Applicants may apply for funding from three different categories. The Innovative Teaching Award Program (ITAP) supports innovation in the classroom while the Innovative Counseling Award Program (ICAP) provides funding for innovative school-wide counseling initiatives. The Mega Innovative Teaching Award Program (M-ITAP)offers educators a higher amount of funding to implement larger projects.

The funding parameters for the 2018 Innovative Grants Program will be released in the fall. Individual schools may apply for all three grant opportunities in one school year.

Examples of Previously Funded Grants:    Sample #1    Sample #2

Innovative Grants Program Interest List

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