9- Meadow Park IPSF Innovative Grant

Innovative Grants Program

IPSF promotes and recognizes innovation within IUSD through the Innovative Grants Program. These grants help to fund innovative approaches, which bring deeper meaning to curriculum and improve the educational experiences of students. Grants are funded through a combination of support from corporate partners and parent support through the Parents Appreciating Teachers and Staff program.

Since 1996, IPSF has awarded over $2 million to IUSD staff, benefitting thousands of students since the program’s inception! Projects are funded up to $20,000 to support innovation across the district.

2021 Grant Awards
Neda Eaton with IPSF Innovative Grant Checks ready to surprise Irvine Schools with over $200K

Application Information

All IUSD staff are eligible and encouraged to apply. Schools or departments may apply for funding up to $10,000 in Innovative Grants in addition to $20,000 in Mega Grants, which provide educators an opportunity to create an even greater impact on their students. Additionally, we welcome IUSD high school students to apply for funding up to $1,000 for projects and initiatives that benefit their schools, student bodies, or communities.

The 2021 application period is now closed. Deadline was December 11, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my school or department apply to all the available grant opportunities?

Absolutely! You are welcome to submit as many grant requests as you desire, but please note funding limits apply. Schools or departments are limited to one Mega Grant award per school year.

What are the funding limits? What are the funding priorities for each grant?

The funding limits per school or department are the following (Please note this does not guarantee that a school or department will receive the maximum funding amount):

Grant Type Funding Limits Funding Priorities
Mega Grants $5,000 – $20,000 Arts, Mental Health & Counseling, Music, Science & Engineering, Technology, and Other Educational Areas
Innovative Grants  

$1 – $10,000*

*Applicants may apply for up to $5,000 per funding request

Student Grants $1 – $1,000  

Mental Health & Well-Being, Service Learning, Promoting Positive School Culture, and Student Awareness

Is there a minimum request for funding?

Not at all. We encourage applicants to submit their proposals no matter how big or small their project.

Am I allowed to use funds to pay for staff time?

Only funding from Mega Grants may be used to compensate for time put towards the proposed project (i.e. training). Funds may not solely be applied to staff compensation.

I previously received a grant award but would like to apply for additional funding to continue my project. Can I do that?

Yes! However, in order to encourage new projects, we fund projects for a maximum of three years.

My project costs exceed the funding limits. Should I still apply?

While the grants do have funding limits, we encourage applicants to still apply. Please be sure to explain how you will secure the rest of your project funding in your proposal.

Who is on the review committee?

The review committee is comprised of individuals from the community, IUSD, and IPSF.

How is the review conducted?

Members of the committee review applications through a blind read and score each application based on an established set of criteria . Once scores are compiled and averaged, the committee will meet to determine awards.

When will I be notified whether I received an award or not?

Applicants will be notified mid-February 2021.

How will I be able to access my funds?

Funds will be available via your school or department’s gift accounts after the awards reception.

Are schools outside of Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) eligible for funding?

Only schools within IUSD are eligible for funding.

When and where is the awards reception?

The awards reception will be held on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. The location will be announced at a later date.