Eastwood Innovative Grant 2

Innovative Grants Program

IPSF promotes and recognizes innovation within IUSD through the Innovative Grants Program. These grants help to fund innovative approaches, which bring deeper meaning to curriculum and improve the educational experiences of students. Grants are funded through a combination of support from corporate and community partners, and parent support through the Parents Appreciating Teachers and Staff program. IPSF has awarded over $2 million to IUSD staff, benefitting thousands of students since the program’s inception.


This year, IPSF is looking for your school’s next BIG IDEA that will serve as a catalyst to expand or create new opportunities to propel your students forward in their educational journeys! As we continue to adapt out of the ever-changing environment of last two years, we look forward to partnering with you to help realize your BIG dreams to advance learning opportunities for your school community.