In the Classroom

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Small Learning Groups

Most education occurs within a classroom, and teachers and teaching assistants – who spend the most time with students – have a direct impact on student learning. This is why IPSF provides a significant amount of funding to the Irvine Unified School District to facilitate smaller learning groups, also called additional staffing hours, every year. These funds provide schools with greater flexibility in managing larger class sizes through the use of small learning groups.

Instructional assistants in elementary schools make it possible for teachers to work with students in smaller learning groups, which has proven to be incredibly effective. Through these smaller groups, teachers and instructional assistants can offer more personalized instruction by tailoring assignments based on skill level.

In middle and high schools, these funds provide staffing hours, enabling schools to add sections of core classes, including math and language arts. By adding sections, this reduces class sizes in key subject areas and provides students with a smaller learning environment.

The amount of classroom support funding provided to each school is determined by IUSD based on enrollment figures.

Researchers report that, regardless of the subject matter, students working in small groups tend to learn more of what is taught and retain it longer than when the same content is presented in other instructional formats.

Source: Davis, Barbara G. Tools for Teaching. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2009. Print.

Music Class


In a time when most public school districts have eliminated school music programs, Irvine continues to thrive thanks to community support of IPSF.

IPSF fully funds the primary music program provided to students in transitional kindergarten through third grade. This program provides students with a solid foundation in musical concepts in a fun, supportive environment.

IPSF works together with the school district to ensure that each child in every school, TK-3rd grade, receives quality music education. Why? Because we know that early exposure to music promotes collaboration and communication skills, creativity, self-expression, leadership, and overall improved academic performance. Music is essential if we want to truly offer a world class and well-rounded education to our students.

athletic trainer

Health & Wellness

The IPSF health and wellness initiative exists to ensure that each child in every IUSD school receives high quality school health services, regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay.  Since 2005, IPSF has maintained the health and wellness initiative as a high priority, so that all IUSD students can thrive and succeed in school.

A mounting body of evidence has established links between comprehensive school health programs and educational outcomes, indicating that healthier students attend school more often, perform better academically and are significantly less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors.

IPSF is working with IUSD, health experts, and community leaders to implement a comprehensive program to foster healthy and health-literate students. Current objectives include:

Increasing nursing staff at IUSD school sites. School nurses oversee the health of more than 36,000 IUSD students. In the 2019-2020 school year, IUSD maintained a staffing level of 17 IUSD school nurses and a student to nurse ratio of 2500:1. This effort is made possible through ongoing support from Hoag Community Benefits Grant.

Supporting Athletic Trainers for IUSD Athletic Programs. Thanks to generous support from Hoag Orthopedic Institute, IPSF is providing support for athletic trainers at each of the five comprehensive high schools. The major focus of the Athletic Trainer Service will be to identify risk factors, prevent injuries, provide appropriate medical treatment, including rehabilitative services and referral support, and detect and correct health problems directly related to athletic performance, such as concussion risks.

IPSF is proud to continue to commit $250,000 annually to help support Mental Health programs throughout the district. Mental health is important for every student in maintaining a well-balanced life. While studies indicate that up to 20% of children in America have a diagnosable mental illness, every student experiences times in their lives when they feel down, stressed out, or overwhelmed by some aspect of their life. Maintaining good mental health means having the skills and strategies to address problems in ways that are positive and knowing how to seek support if needed.

Building resiliency is central to IUSD’s strategy for addressing mental health and promoting wellness among all students, preschool through high school. Age-appropriate social emotional learning programs and other supports are in place to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to recognize and deal with stressful situations.

IPSF is working to continue our efforts and engage the medical community, local businesses and foundations, parents, institutions of higher education, and the City of Irvine to meet the health needs of the IUSD student population and those who serve them.

Summer Enrichment Academy

STEAM Education

In a rapidly changing global society, our students must be prepared to be creative, think strategically, and innovate. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) provides those skills while engaging students in hands-on learning that is both educational and exciting. Students who are involved in STEAM activities are more likely to thrive and succeed in school, and to pursue careers in STEAM fields.

The goal of IPSF’s STEAM Initiative is to engage the Irvine community in STEAM education so that all students have extensive opportunities to develop high interest in science and related relevant subject areas, in line with next generation Science Standards and the Irvine Unified School District’s strategic priorities. We seek to achieve this by supporting and offering programs that expose young learners to real-world applications and career exploration opportunities throughout their primary and secondary education, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our annual OC STEAM Fest event is a fun-filled day for students and families to explore exciting, hands-on activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

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IPSF is proud to provide nearly $5.5 million annually in grants and program support to Irvine Unified School District. See how your donations are used to make an impact in your local school.

Alderwood Elementary

At Alderwood, we are so grateful for our partnership with IPSF.  The valuable resources and support provided by IPSF, enhances the learning experience of students and staff.  With IPSF’s class size reduction funds, we are able to provide Instructional Assistants in all of our classes, grades Transitional Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.  These Instructional Assistants work with students providing support in all areas of the curriculum in small group settings. These groups allow students to have more specialized and differentiated instruction and activities. We also are able to use IPSF funds to support programs at Alderwood that provide enrichment opportunities to our students including the ACE afterschool program and our Summer Enrichment program.  These valuable programs give students educational experiences that they may not otherwise be able to have.  In addition, IPSF has been an integral partner in supporting innovation on our site. Alderwood was been awarded two separate IPSF Innovation Grants in previous years. These grants have provided flexible seating and a makerspace in the classroom setting. We have also received two Mega Grants, one in 2016 to build an Innovation Lab and another in 2019 to enhance the technology in our Learning Commons. These grants have been an integral part in promoting creativity, design, and collaboration for all students in the 21st century STEAM learning environment.

Kelli Cheshire

Principal, Alderwood Elementary School

Beacon Park K-8

The support Beacon Park students receive on behalf of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation is invaluable. Their funding for Beacon Park transcends all grade levels and impacts the social, academic, and extracurricular experiences of our students. Instructional Assistants funded by IPSF allow Beacon Park teachers flexibility to ensure that students’ needs are being met. At times instructional assistants lead large group activities so that the classroom teachers can meet with small groups of students to build and enrich math and reading skills. At other times, the Instructional Assistants lead small student groups focused on literacy and writing.

The IPSF allocation for our Middle School allows us add classes and give our students in a smaller K – 8 setting access to some of the same experiences in the comprehensive Middle Schools. Beacon Park are able to participate in trimester exploratory classes each trimester in the arts and technology, while also enrolling in year-long electives like Yearbook, ASB Leadership, Foreign Languages, and STEM-based Career/Technical Education classes. Our Middle School Music Electives are full since our students have been able to experience high-quality music instruction during their primary years of school.

IPSF’s generous support provides foundational experiences for all our students while they’re young, targeted intervention and enrichment in academic courses, and the access and equity of a comprehensive Middle School. I can’t imagine the impact on our program if we lost the support of IPSF.

Bob Curley

Principal, Beacon Park School

Bonita Canyon Elementary

IPSF is a wonderful partner who contributes to the success of Bonita Canyon.  Our students directly benefit from IPSF when we can hire classroom support because of their generosity.  This support allows teachers to more effectively reach all their students. IPSF gives our students so many enrichment opportunities in our afterschool ACE program as well. We are excited to be able offer these classes year after year. Thank you IPSF for your partnership in providing the highest quality educational experience we can envision. Go BC Bears!!

Corey Pace

Principal, Bonita Canyon Elementary School

Brywood Elementary

At Brywood, IPSF classroom support funds employ three part-time instructional assistants who assist in teaching a diverse population of students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. As we begin our year at our newly renovated site, they will allow us to make full use of our new innovative learning environments.  The instructional aide support has a positive impact on all facets of student learning in both English Language Arts and math by allowing us to differentiate targeted instruction and activities. In addition, Brywood’s students continue to thrive and develop their individual talents due to the unique enrichment opportunities IPSF provides through their music, science, and summer programs.

Timothy W. Moeller

Principal, Brywood Elementary School

Cadence Park Elementary

At Cadence Park School, IPSF funds are allocated annually to pay for additional instructional assistant (I.A.) hours to support daily instruction. By strategically adding IA support at certain times, we are better able to facilitate student rotations, which effectively reduce the adult to student ratio. In addition to instructional support, these additional I.A. hours allow us to cover classes while teachers across a grade level are released to participate in their Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s). During PLC meetings, teachers focus on improving learning outcomes via responsive and intentional instructional practices.

Beyond the supplementary IA support, all Cadence Park students will benefit from the incredible enrichment opportunities offered by IPSF via the ACE, SEA, and Primary Music Program. Further, our school has benefitted tremendously from the IPSF Innovative Grants Program, which provided just under $20,000 directly to Cadence Park School teachers last year to support STEM education and our school gardening program! We are grateful to IPSF for their continued impact and investment in the youth of Irvine.

Carlo Grasso

Principal, Cadence Park Elementary School

Canyon View Elementary

Because of IPSF, our TK – 3rd grade students receive high quality primary music instruction every other week. The teachers are trained and credentialed music specialists who bring knowledge, joy, and passion for the Arts into the classroom. If you walk into a music class at Canyon View you will see students singing, playing instruments, moving around, and expressing themselves creatively. These classes instill a love for Music in our students that will help them succeed in school.

Christine Miller

Principal, Canyon View Elementary School

College Park Elementary

At College Park, IPSF adds support into our classrooms through instructional assistants. Thanks to IPSF, we have aides who help during our WIN time (Whatever I Need), pulling small groups of students who need extra instruction, or supporting the rest of the class while teachers pull the small groups. With these trained aides, teachers are able to meet the needs of all students with more individualized attention, whether their students need extra support or extra challenge in the areas of reading, writing, math, learning English, or other curricular areas. This year at College Park Elementary School, we will again house an IPSF afterschool play, so we are blessed to be able to offer that opportunity to our students. College Park students have a chance to audition and take part in a professional performance of The Jungle Book to be presented the week before Thanksgiving. In addition, we are looking forward to hosting a STEAM after school class for girls as well as other after school classes with the help of our IPSF partners.  We are so fortunate to have this group to help us meet needs that we otherwise would not be able to meet for our students!

Meg Gwyn

Principal, College Park Elementary School

Creekside Education Center

IPSF has provided tremendous support for our student programs at Creekside Education Center. One of the many programs IPSF supports is our afterschool Creekside Community Leadership Academy, which operates in conjunction with the City of Irvine Youth Action Team. This program runs 3 days per week and includes a community speaker series as well as opportunities for students to provide volunteer service in the community. Additionally, IPSF helps support our student recognition activities and events. Without the support of IPSF, these programs would not be possible.

We are also grateful that IPSF has added district-wide mental health resources to the areas that they support each year. Our wellness counselor is an invaluable asset to our counseling team.  The Wellness counselor provides additional social/emotional support to our students on campus through individual and group counseling.  They work with the counseling department to identify students in need of support and guide the student and family to resources in our community. Working within the counseling team, they are an additional support on our campus and play a crucial role in providing a safe and healthy environment to all our students.  The wellness coordinator is also a member of our PBIS/MTSS team and presents guidance and mental health lessons to students on campus.  The wellness coordinator has greatly increased the strength of our ability to provide students with comprehensive access to mental health and wellness services.

Rebecca Roberts

Principal, Creekside High School

Culverdale Elementary

Culverdale students and staff love our newly-furnished library media center, fully-funded in partnership by PTA and IPSF donations.  IPSF’s continued funding of instructional assistants across IUSD provides our teachers with the necessary staff support to give students small-group learning opportunities.  In 2018-2019, three Culverdale teachers were recipients of IPSF’s annual Innovative Teaching Grant program, allowing each of them to enhance their special education classrooms with their innovative ideas.  We look forward to the After-school Classroom Enrichment (ACE) program continuing this year for students in grades 1-6 under the coordination of committed, talented parent volunteers.

David Burke

Principal, Culverdale Elementary School

Cypress Village Elementary

Cypress Village is incredibly grateful for our partnership with IPSF.  IPSF provides valuable resources and support to our entire Cypress Village school community that enhances the learning experiences for all of our students.  With IPSF’s class size reduction funds, we are able to provide teachers and students with instructional assistants through TK – 6th grade classes. With the support of instructional assistants, students are able to access learning in smaller groups, and we can provide additional learning opportunities for students needing re-teaching or enrichment opportunities.  Through our partnership with IPSF we are able to enrich student learning experiences across all grade levels to benefit all students.  IPSF’s dedication to bringing the arts to school and supporting after-school and summer programs provides a variety of creative learning opportunities that allow students to extend their educational experiences beyond the classroom.  We are incredibly appreciative for the partnership we have with IPSF and the support they provide to Cypress Village and our community.

Carla Beal

Principal, Cypress Village Elementary School

Deerfield Elementary

IPSF has made an incredible impact in supporting the needs of Deerfield Elementary! Tens of thousands of dollars have been directed to students and programs on our campus to support academic and social/emotional enrichment and achievement. We have received two “Mega Grants” of $20,000 each to renovate classrooms with innovative furniture and develop an engaging “DIVE Innovation Lab” where students Dream, Imagine, Venture and Explore. IPSF grants have also allowed us to build two interactive school gardens, implement a school-wide yoga program, and create “Flock Together”, a leadership service program for our upper grade students. Each year IPSF has also provided much needed funding for our instructional aides who support lower class size ratios for targeted intervention time with students, as well as our Elementary Resource Counselor who supports the social/emotional wellness and growth of our kids. We are incredibly grateful for their support!

Julie Hatchel

Principal, Deerfield Elementary School

Early Childhood Learning Center

ECLC has been supported by IPSF through the innovative teacher grant program, and received grants each year we have participated! IPSF grants have sustained teachers in their ongoing quest to deepen and extend student learning in meaningful and developmentally appropriate ways in order to lay the foundation for learning. In addition, we have received support though Visual and Performing Arts funding, supported by IPSF, to explore creativity in the arts at preschool. Each summer, many of our students participate in the IPSF summer classes to support student success as they transition from ECLC to their TK or K programs. This year, ECLC will pursue teacher grants to support innovative instructional programming that promotes inclusive opportunities for ALL learners.

Robin Hunter

Principal, Early Childhood Learning Center

Eastshore Elementary

The greatest contribution IPSF makes to our site is the funding to hire qualified instructional assistants for grades K-6. IAs allow us to reduce class size by supporting teachers during core instruction. IPSF also supports our primary music program, which provides bi-monthly music instruction for our K-3 students. One of the most significant, positive impacts that IPSF has contributed to is providing support for our mental health resources.  We are grateful to be able to offer counseling support to elementary students and their families in need. Additionally, our teachers have the opportunity to apply for grants to supplement and enhance classroom instruction each year. We are able to increase the quantity of technological devices and innovative instructional materials on campus thanks to these grants.  The staff, students and parents at Eastshore benefit enormously from the support provided by IPSF and we are thankful!

Lisa Kadam

Principal, Eastshore Elementary School

Eastwood Elementary

IPSF continues to be instrumental in making Eastwood a world-class school by providing opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available.  A core focus at Eastwood is to provide individualized instruction to each child. This enrichment and extension is made possible by funding for additional instructional assistants.  This support allows us to create a schedule that keeps students engaged in meaningful activities throughout the day.  IPSF also ensures every student receives music education in kindergarten through third grade, and offers after school enrichment classes that provide additional enrichment opportunities.  IPSF works closely with us to support other initiatives and creative endeavors.  Our initial purchase of Dash and Dot Robots and Cubelets was made possible by an IPSF grant, and that initial investment was a springboard for additional STEAM related actives we provide our students!  Continued opportunities exist to bring new and creative ideas to Eastwood, and we look forward to working with IPSF to make them come to life.

Aaron Jetzer

Principal, Eastwood Elementary School

Greentree Elementary

IPSF is instrumental in districtwide fundraising in order to bring programming and other amazing opportunities for student learning to ALL of the students at Greentree Elementary School. Our students are able to participate in creative afterschool programs, such as our annual School Musical as well as various other high interest, engaging classes such as Claymation, Forensic Science, and Video Game Design through the ACE program. Our primary Eagles, in grades K-3, are offered primary music taught by instructors paid for by IPSF.  Our school also benefits from 34.8 hours/week of support from instructional assists who work with our teachers in order to lower class size and give more direct attention to those students who require it. Through the Innovative Grants program, Greentree School was awarded over $16,000 by IPSF to create an Innovation Lab last school year, which has helped our students take their learning to the next level through interactive design and problem solving situations. We LOVE IPSF and what they bring to our school and the greater community!

Tamara J. Brown

Principal, Greentree Elementary School

Irvine High School

IPSF has been an ongoing instrumental partner with IUSD and Irvine High School. School wide IPSF’s investment in our students through their support of Naviance has allowed us to enhance our counseling program and has provided a value-added resource that assists our students with their high school and college and career plans. The safety and wellbeing of our student-athletes has increased with IPSF’s support of a Certified Athletic Trainer. Our Athletic Trainer is available daily to help support, treat, and educate our student-athletes about their injuries so that they can get back to their playing field safely. Through IPSF’s support, we were able to enhance our Engineering program with the opportunity to apply and receive a $20,000 innovation grant. This support has enabled our students to apply what they learn with an industry standard 3D printer. Through IPSF’s support of our STEM program, our CubeSat team has been able to thrive and provide opportunities for our students who are interested in aerospace engineering. IPSF’s partnership allows us to continue to work on providing the best possible educational experience we can envision at Irvine High School. Thank you IPSF!

Monica Colunga Ed.D.

Principal, Irvine High School

Jeffrey Trail Middle School

IPSF continues to partner with Jeffrey Trail Middle School to bring programing to our students that enrich and extend their learning. This year they will be supporting our award winning Robotics program, as well as offer several after school programs to meet our student’s interests. They have provided summer programs that several of our students benefit from every year. We are grateful for the support of IPSF and all they do to meet the needs of our community.

Michael Georgino

Principal, Jeffrey Trail Middle School

Lakeside Middle School

The high level of community support that we enjoy in Irvine is vital to the success of our schools and our students. Nowhere is this more apparent than through the support we receive from IPSF.  The contributions made by the foundation help us create meaningful learning experiences for students through smaller class sizes, meaningful elective classes and exciting extra-curricular opportunities.  With the help of IPSF we are able to help students become more confident learners.

Scott Sodorff

Principal, Lakeside Elementary School

Loma Ridge Elementary School

The support of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) is received with gratitude at Loma Ridge. We utilize the instructional assistant support provided to reduce ratios and provide support to meet individual student needs. This offers our staff the opportunity to provide extra support or further enrichment with smaller groups of students. Additionally, the support IPSF offers for our music programs is invaluable. While we are fortunate to have a brand new facility, we are also starting from the ground up with our procedures, practices and innovative experiences that we want to offer our students which means we have needs that we may not have anticipated. We look forward to the IPSF grant program coming up in a couple of months. Our staff is already planning to write applications and looks forward to future opportunities to take advantage of such an incredible resource that IPSF provides in these grants that enrich our students’ experiences at Loma Ridge.

Jenna Berumen,

Principal, Loma Ridge Elementary School

Meadow Park Elementary

Meadow Park Elementary School is extremely appreciative of the continued support of IPSF to strengthen our instructional programs.  Because of the improvements related to Measure E, we are now back at our school site having been at El Camino for an entire year.  Being back at what we call, “Meadow Park 3.0” has been amazing and IPSF has helped make this school even more special with an IPSF grant of over $20,000 to enhance our new and tremendously improved Innovation Laboratory.

In addition, with the help of IPSF we have had their assistance in helping to fund a portion of our instructional assistants.  The funds of IPSF have allowed for small group instruction in both Language Arts and math. This is the third year that Meadow Park will be embarking on What Is Needed (WIN) Time. In grades first through sixth, our teaching teams work together to target specific skills sets of the children. Whether it is our instructional assistants helping with a group of students or providing skill reinforcement, we appreciate their important roles.

Being back “home” Meadow Park is also very proud of the ACE Programs that are offered after school. To have programs for our students that can strengthen their learning in a safe environment, taught by highly qualified teachers is optimal. The variety of classes means there is something for everyone.  Students and parents are extremely excited to have ACE back at Meadow Park 3.0 to strengthen their skill set and to simply have fun.

To have IPSF assist our students and teachers with the resources to meet the needs of all of our students is greatly appreciated. As Meadow Park returns home, we look forward to the continued partnership for the future.

Thomas Potwora

Principal, Meadow Park Elementary School

Northwood Elementary

IPSF enriches the educational experience of each child at Northwood elementary.  Funding provided by IPSF adds instructional assistants to classrooms creating opportunities for more individualized attention for our students. IPSF fully funds Northwood’s K-3 Primary Music program and rents nearly 2,200 high-quality instruments at affordable prices to students in IUSD. IPSF has committed to help fund K-12 mental health initiatives throughout the district.  IPSF is a valued partner in our commitment to provide the highest quality education we can envision.

Janelle Mazza

Principal, Northwood Elementary School

Northwood High School

NHS would like to thank IPSF!  We have been able to keep class sizes for freshmen level courses such as English, History, Science and Math low through the support from IPSF. In addition, the Athletic Trainers that are funded by IPSF are vital! They not only are the first aid responders, they follow up with injured athletes and their parents. Our students’ safety and wellness remain a priority thanks to this support!

Leslie Roach, Ed.D.

Principal, Northwood High School

Oak Creek Elementary

At Oak Creek Elementary, IPSF funds are used to hire instructional assistants (I.A.s) to support leveled reading instruction (referred to as RTI). This occurs 3-4 times per week in all grade levels. By strategically pushing one or two I.A.s into certain classrooms, we are better able to facilitate student rotations, which effectively reduce the adult to student ratio by two thirds. In addition to RTI support, I.A.s are utilized to cover classes while teachers across a grade level are released to participate in their Professional Learning Communities, which focus on improving learning outcomes via responsive and intentional instructional practices. Beyond the vital support provided by I.A.s, Oak Creek Elementary students continue to benefit from the incredible enrichment opportunities offered by IPSF via the ACE, SEA, and Primary Music Program. We are grateful to IPSF for their continued investment in the youth of Irvine.

Mandy Ferrell

Principal, Oak Creek Elementary School

Plaza Vista K-8

Before I applied for the job here as the principal, I asked a family friend whose son attends Plaza Vista, “How does the school make you feel?” She told me, “In kindergarten, my son was still learning how to read. I would pack him a small note in his snack every day. And a teacher would read that note to him… Everyday.” Once I got the job, I found out that the “teacher” she was referring to was an instructional assistant paid for by IPSF. Not only does IPSF help us have world-class achieving students, but IPSF is an important part of the fabric of the Irvine and IUSD culture. My wife and I are thrilled to be IUSD alumni, Irvine residents, and have our children attend IUSD schools where IPSF is a critical partner in every student’s success

James Parker

Principal, Plaza Vista Elementary School

Portola High School

As a newer high school, people assume we have everything we need. No one can argue that we have a beautiful facility, however, the most important work we do is orchestrated by the classroom teacher. IPSF has been instrumental in providing funding for us to help run a couple of extra classes that normally our enrollment would not allow us to support. Because of that, students have more access to electives and classes they are passionate about.

Another key component for us has been the support of our athletic trainer. The partnership with IPSF has added a layer of safety, injury prevention, and treatment to over half of our student body.

Fortunately, our staff has benefitted from several IPSF grants as well, including most recently a mega grant, which allowed for the purchase of some Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment to work with in the classroom. Our Science Department was also awarded a grant, allowing us to provide a Genius Project for students to learn about, design, and construct individual Aquaponics systems. We could not have taken on that project without the generosity of IPSF.

Finally, our school is very excited to participate in the CubeSat STEM program. Students in that program have enjoyed collaborating with other students and professionals in the field to ultimately play an active part in the building and launching of an actual satellite into space. Incredible!

John Pehrson

Principal, Portola High School

Portola Springs Elementary

It is through the generous financial support of IPSF that we are able to provide opportunities for small group instruction throughout your child’s day. Many of our Instructional Assistants are funded through IPSF including Ms. Monet, Mrs. Thome, Mrs. Reames, and Mrs. Tessers. These Instructional Assistants are invaluable in your children’s English Language Arts instruction. They allow for more specific targeted instruction in smaller groups. As we are able to make our instructional groups smaller, we can differentiate instruction to more specifically meet your child’s needs in reading groups and rotations. We are grateful for the generous contributions through IPSF.

Megan Bricker

Principal, Portola Springs Elementary School

Rancho San Joaquin Middle School

The funding from IPSF helps to boost our class section allotment, allowing us to provide a more robust master schedule with smaller class sizes for our students. Thank you IPSF, for helping us provide the best learning environment possible!

Mike Modeer

Principal, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School

Santiago Hills Elementary

The Irvine Public School Foundation has provided many opportunities for enrichment and small group instruction at Santiago Hills.  In 2018-2019 we were the recipients of the IPSF Innovation Grant, which has allowed us to purchase a variety of STEAM resources.  The new robots, circuits, iPads, green screen, and other tools are creating the foundation for our new Innovation Lab.  Our students are building, creating, designing, and engineering thanks to the IPSF Innovation Grant, which is funded through the Parents Appreciating Teachers & Staff (PATS) campaign and parent contributions.  In addition to the grant we received, our students also benefit from the K-3 music program where primary students learn musical concepts in fun and engaging ways.  Lastly, IPSF provides funds to support the addition of instructional aides on our campus.  The instructional aides reduce our class sizes and allow for small group instruction and improved student learning.  Our instructional aides have an important role in allowing each student’s voice and thinking to be heard and making the lessons more accessible through small group support.  As a result, our teacher to student ratios go from 30+ students per student to just over 15 students per teacher, leading to more targeted instruction, reduced behavior challenges, and opportunities for differentiation.

Dr. Michele Ogden

Principal, Santiago Hills Elementary School

Sierra Vista Middle School

IPSF continues to do amazing things for our school community.  IPSF provides opportunities for kids so they can have a more enriching experience here at Sierra Vista.  Over the summer, students can take fun and enlightening courses during IPSF Summer School and that continues throughout the course of the year with IPSF ACE after school classes.  Students benefit from these experiences because they are able to build relationships while exploring common interests.  We are so thankful for our partnership with IPSF!

Jeff Morano,

Principal, Sierra Vista Middle School

Springbrook Elementary

Irvine Public Schools Foundation adds immeasurable value to the educational experience of our Springbrook students. From the ongoing support of the music program, to their support of mental health resources, IPSF helps make our overall school culture whole and well-rounded.

As our existing Springbrook school site undergoes extensive modernization work this 2019-2020 school year, IPSF continues to partner with us at our interim site at El Camino, by partnering with us to offer our families and students a newly structured ACE program.

Last year Springbrook was especially honored by IPSF by being awarded a MEGA grant for over $14,000! Our science program received an entire classroom set of virtual reality headsets so that our students can experience boundless opportunities, locations, and experiences.   Thank you IPSF for supporting the vision of our innovative staff!

Our instructional assistants are also a valued and integral part of our instructional program. They provide classroom support and small group instruction for all students in TK-6, as well as for students in need of targeted interventions. Instructional assistants help provide differentiation for various student learning levels so that our students can maximize their achievement.

IPSF’s support of our ACE program has also added immeasurable value to the extracurricular offerings that we are able to provide our students and families.  From guitar and chess, to STEAM and cooking, our students learn and grow beyond their school day.  From the curricular, to the “extra” curricular, IPSF is a tremendous support to our Springbrook program!

Sunny Shen

Principal, Springbrook Elementary School

South Lake Middle School

At South Lake Middle School, we are extremely fortunate to benefit from the financial support of IPSF. All students directly benefit from a decrease in class size due to funding provided from IPSF. In addition, through the Innovative Grants Program for teachers and counselors, South Lake has been able to bring new, advanced curriculum and programs to our students that support academic growth and emotional wellbeing. Our Counseling department has launched Mindful Meditation including a Mindful Meditation room dedicated to this practice for all students and staff from support from IPSF grant.

Belinda Averill

Principal, South Lake Middle School

Stone Creek Elementary

At Stone Creek we are incredibly lucky to have a thriving and engaging innovation lab that our students  want to access daily. Our innovation lab is a place where students engage in coding activities, digital content creation and editing, and hands on activities that include all aspects of STEAM. The materials and supplies for innovation lab have primarily been funded by our IPSF Mega Grant, which provided almost $20,000 directly to our school site. The creativity and collaboration skills our students are nurturing in our innovation lab through STEAM activities and lessons we are able to provide because of the vast amount of materials we have, has translated into improved problem solving skills for them in the classroom and on the playground. Our students are becoming more capable of navigating the obstacles that come from working in groups as a result of the opportunities they have in our innovation lab. Funding from IPSF also provides the amazing resource of instructional assistants that impact our students’ access to the educational program each day during the school year in multiple grade levels from K-6. Our instructional assistants are integral members of our school wide positive behavioral system, engaging with our students in a positive way across our campus on a daily basis. With the support of our instructional assistants, our teachers are better able to support differentiation in the classroom by providing additional opportunities to support small group instruction and reduce the teacher to student ratio in the classroom during important intervention and enrichment instructional blocks. Thank you IPSF for all you do to support our Stone Creek students and staff.

Christina Pierson

Principal, Stonecreek Elementary School

Stonegate Elementary

IPSF continues to be a true champion in enriching the educational experience of each and every child here at Stonegate Elementary. By partnering with IPSF, we are able to raise funds and leverage these resources to provide enriching educational programs that are grounded in educational excellence and real world experiences. In recent years, Stonegate was awarded two innovative grants through IPSF. Our fourth-grade teacher was presented with the funding necessary to purchase equipment (green screen kit) in order to produce multimedia projects such as newscasts, podcasts, interviews, digital stories, online books, animated tales, public service announcements, and video blogs. Our distinguished principal also received a grant to purchase flexible furniture for the media center. This space was designed to be a powerful learning environment to promote greater collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and innovation to ultimately meet the needs of 21 century learners.

Sam Joo

Principal, Stonegate Elementary School

Turtle Rock Elementary

With IPSF’s financial contributions to Turtle Rock, we have been able to place instructional aides at each grade level for additional support, or Response to Instruction (RTI). These instructional assistants help to reduce our student to teacher ratio during critical learning times. IPSF is a benefactor of our arts and music programs. Also with IPSF support, Turtle Rock has a very large and successful Afterschool Classroom Enrichment Program (ACE). These classes extend the learning day and provide choices for students who would like to explore specialized interests. The class offerings include athletics, fine arts, engineering, biomedical…and many more! We are so appreciative of the support that IPSF gives to the Turtle Rock Community and the Irvine Unified School District.

Jeremy Stonebarger

Principal, Turtle Rock Elementary School

University High School

Partnerships and collaborative efforts are what make quality education a reality.  As our school staff attempts to construct programs and classes that meet the needs of a growing variety of student learners, the funding provided by IPSF is crucial. The opportunities that IPSF provides have a significant and long-lasting impact on students.

IPSF funding allows us to serve kids in several ways at Uni including:

  • Offering additional courses in our master schedule including classes of high interest of our students and classes especially designed to meet the needs of diverse learning – many times these classes are run at smaller numbers which is only possible with the additional funding from IPSF
  • We have a qualified athletic trainer that provides a crucial level of safety for our student athletes who push themselves hard throughout the year.   With my own son playing football as a freshman at another high school, I know first-hand the crucial need met by our trainers.
  • The ongoing support of our CubeSat program has allowed our students to access activities and projects that were unimaginable just a short time ago.  We are looking forward to two launches in November!
  • Our school has been the recipient of two Mega Grants that are funded up to $20,000.  These funds allowed us to build up our Engineering experience for many students and our band program expanded their outreach to 8th grade students with new types of instruments that had not been available previously.

We hope you continue to support IPSF because of all the ways they improve learning for our kids.

Kevin Astor, Ed.D.,

Principal, University High School

University Park Elementary

We are so grateful for our continuing partnership with IPSF. In the winter of 2019 we received funding for our Full STEAM Ahead project. With this funding our students have been able to experiment with robots and other electronic devices that foster their innovative thinking. In addition, IPSF generously provides funding for 50 hours per week of instructional aid support in our classrooms (TK-6th grade). With additional support in the classroom, teachers have the time to provide students with enrichment opportunities and support students who may need more instruction in literacy, math, or English language development. In addition, our K-3 students receive quality music instruction, which is funded entirely by parent and community donations to IPSF. Finally, our UP students receive excellent enrichment programs at our school site through our Afterschool Classroom Enrichment (ACE) program.

Molly Daley

Principal, University Park Elementary School

Venado Middle School

Funds from IPSF help us reduce our average class sizes across the master schedule. This support results in better teacher to student ratios and promotes optimum classroom learning environments. Our Afterschool Classroom Enrichment (ACE) program offers students a wide variety of classes to take after school throughout the year and is only possible with the strong support from IPSF. We truly appreciate this support.

Luis Torres

Principal, Venado Middle School

Vista Verde K-8

IPSF’s support of the visual and performing arts, particularly our vocal, strings, and winds programs, allows us to maximize teacher instructional contact with students. Since we serve students K-8, this allows us to serve ALL kids in an impactful way! At Vista Verde K-8 School, we value the impact IPSF makes in providing resources for classroom support across our nine grade levels, especially with instructional aide allocations and support. Finally, IPSF’s support for After-school Classroom Enrichment (ACE) Classes provides quality enrichment opportunities by offering after school courses that hit a variety of student interests—from art to cooking and more! Thank you, IPSF!

Jerry Vlasic

Principal, Vista Verde School

Westpark Elementary

IPSF makes a dynamic impact at Westpark! During the school day, in core academic areas, additional staff, funded by IPSF, lower our class sizes and allow us to provide systematic, targeted instruction to students. After school, our students can be found learning hip hop, chess, robotics, public speaking, yoga, cooking and more, thanks to our amazing ACE classes.  In 2019-2020, we are moving forward with a new level of support and offering our students a fall break STEM camp through a partnership with IPSF! We are lucky to have this amazing resource!

Deanna Rutter

Principal, Westpark Elementary School

Woodbridge High School

We do everything we can each year to balance the need to keep our class sizes low and still offer enough classes to give students access to all of the courses we can offer.  Through the additional staffing made possible through IPSF funds Woodbridge High School was able to start the year meeting both goals.  The partnership we have with them has become an essential component of continually offering the quality of program our community has come to expect.  From mental health support in our classrooms, to athletic trainers on the sidelines of our fields, and STEAM opportunities for our courses, this quality of support and enrichment would not be possible without the support of IPSF.

Christopher Krebs

Principal, Woodbridge High School

Woodbury Elementary

The contributions and support Woodbury receives from IPSF are invaluable. Being awarded with IPSF’s Mega Innovation Grant two years ago allowed us to expand our STEAM Innovation Labs into an outdoor workspace equipped with a water source, shade structures, flexible seating, and other critical equipment, including 3D printers. New this year, through IPSF’s facilitation, support, and leadership, Woodbury students are now able to participate in a cutting edge Esports’ program and tournament. Additionally, IPSF’s ACE program offers our students a wide range of afterschool programs like performing in a musical, running with our Mustang Miler Club, and producing live newscasts. I know of no other school district in Orange County offering these kinds of student opportunities on such an advanced level.

Alan Battenfield

Principal, Woodbury Elementary School

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