Youth Sports Tournaments

Winter Bowl 3-4 Champions 2015Each year, IPSF hosts the Irvine Youth Sports Tournament of Champions, which encompasses the annual Harvest Cup, Hoops Classic, and Winter Bowl. The purpose of these tournaments is to promote school spirit and unite the community through district-wide sports tournaments for elementary and middle school students. 

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Tournament of Champions, Bonita Canyon Elementary School and South Lake Middle School!

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2017-2018 Tournament of Champions dates include:
    • Harvest Cup Soccer Tournament: October 20-22
    • Winter Bowl Flag Football Tournament: January 27
    • Hoops Classic Basketball Tournament: March 9-11

Contact Information

Cary Lambeth, Irvine Youth Sports - or 949.391.3215 or visit:

Stay tuned for more details about upcoming tournaments for other sports! 

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